Ï Lost Lion (Second Chance Mates #1) Þ Download by å Haylee Wolf

Lion Shifter Max Hides A Monster Inside Of Him After His Mate Died, His Fearsome Beast Is Close To Turning Feral Max Promised His Dead Mate He Ll Give Love Another Try Too Bad Max S Going Crazy He S Having Park Dates With A Normal Tabby, But A Stray Cat Can T Be His Mate His Mind Is Playing Tricks On Him, Until He Discovers There S To His Tabby Than He Ï Lost Lion (Second Chance Mates #1) Þ Download by å Haylee Wolf Initially Thought Dylan Has A Problem Weretabbies Are Supposed To Outgoing And Promiscuous He S Awkward, Shy And He S Saving His V Card For His One And Only When A Scarred And Terrifying Werelion Comes Along, Dylan Knows Max S The One But How Can They Start Anything If He S Too Chicken To Reveal His Real Self To Max Can He Chase Away Max S Old Ghosts And Win His Lost Lion S Heart Note The Book Is Approximately , Words, Has A Happy Ending And Does Not End In A Cliffhanger Each Book In The Series Can Be read As A Standalone

Very fast paced and there is no conflict to really keep it entertaining I m afraid.
Tabby interacts with Max, is taken home with him and decides to shift to human while there Max pushes him away, Dylan leaves but fights back and they do the deed There really isn t a lotto it than that.
↠´ Lost Lion (Second Chance Mates #1) ñ Way too short to pay for at 46 pages read it for free if you can, its only a short story.