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5 NAUGHTY SIBLINGS STARS This was an amazing addition to Alexa Riley s ever growing repertoire of hot taboo novels In this book we have two would be lovers, step brother and sister The hero has had strong feelings for his stepsister for a while and felt that otherboys who would touch her like they wanted and not understand that she s the most precious fucking thing that has ever existed on this goddamn earthAs you can see, he s got it bad He knew he should not feel like that about his step sister but he simply couldn t allow her to be with anyone else He knew that their relationship would be taboo, however his love would not be denied.
The heroine was trying to get by without She feels the same inclination but tries desperately to deny itSo instead of doing what my body and my heart want, I ll listen to the NOBODY does a taboo smutty and sweet story like these two ladies It was freaking PERFECT Libby was just sweet as one of her pies, and Jasper was absolutely swoon worthy alpha They have loved each other since they first laid eyes on one another when they were teenagers, and never once did did that that sweet and amazing love fade It just kept growing and growing until they couldn t hide it any, as much as they tried Of course they hid it so well the object of their devotion, thought their feelings and their love were unrequited, but once the cat got out of the bag with a little push from their parents , there was no stopping them, or the explosion of sweet and sexy, OTT HOT times that they provided us, and boy, for two virgins, they sure gave us some fanning ourselves, scorching burning sheets moments So Moore Is Trying To Figure Out What To Do With Her Life She Has Graduated High School, But There S Only One Thing She S Ever Truly Wanted In Life The One Thing She Can T Have Her Stepbrother, Jasper Jasper Lewis Tried To Get Away From The One Person He Shouldn T Want But Moving Only A Couple Of Miles Away Was A Pitiful Effort, And He S Tired Of Resisting [ Pdf Wanting My Stepsister à go PDF ] by Alexa Riley ☆ What He Wants He S Coming Back To Claim What S Been His Since Day One, No Matter What The Consequences This Taboo Love Is So Dirty, So Wrong, And Your Lady Business Is Gonna Thank You Warning It S Okay If You Like It, Because This Is A Judgment Free Zone But These Two Are About To Get It On Like Their Dad May Walk In At Any Moment Enjoy ARC received in exchange for an honest review.
Nothing makes a cold winters day better than an AR book I trully enjoyed reading this short smut story It s your typical AR book but this time with a taboo theme that makes the read even hotter On one hand you have the forbidden fruit and on the other you know that if you disregard that, then that could lead to a whole new world of passion and secrets Is it all worth it Well, read the book to find out For me, it definitely was a read that I enjoyed and had fun reading it I m sure for most AR fans the experience will be similar, if not better That s about all I m going to say about this sweet and sexy story Wouldn t want to spoil the fun.
↠´ Wanting My Stepsister ✓ Genre Erotic Romance Type Standalone NovellaPOV First Person DualRating 4 Golden CocksJasper Lewis and Libby Moore grew up together when his dad married her mum He had always been protective of her until he started to pull away Libby had always wanted him, but his cold shoulder starting to get to her However things were about to change It s only a matter of how far they re willing to take the risk Would she press her mouth into her pillow to hide her moans from our parents as I thrust into her cuntI really like the story in this one It s typical Alexa Riley style with the sweet heroine and the possessive hero But there s also some light element of angst and extra drama with other character, which I like since it made the story interestingThat s it, baby girl Let me hear you Tell me 3.
5 stars I enjoyed this sweet and steamy forbidden love story about step siblings Libby and Jasper Jasper and Libby have loved each other since the moment they met For the last five years they have been fighting their feelings knowing that acting on them will rip their family apart All this time they d always thought this crush was one sided until one day they confessed and allowed all their thoughts and darkest desires they tried to shut down to take over They then realize that it was not some fleeting feeling that s going to go away in a week, a month, or even in fifty years, but the kind of forever deal neither was near ready to give up even if they are both terrified of what s to comeYou re all I ever wanted, Libby The moment you walked into my life, you filled in places in my heart with a softness I didn t I loved this book from start to finish I ve read various stepbrother romances but I have to say that Wanting My Stepsister is a very spicy and well written story line by Alexa Riley In this book we meet Libby and Jasper, who become related when their parents marry Jasper is bloody hot, extremely sweet, lovable and adorable It s so easy to fall in love with him Libby is super pretty and sweet and beautiful She s got a nice charm, she s fun, smart and spunky I found myself emotionally connected to both characters I was rooting for them, wondering if they would both realize what was right in front of their faces The chemistry between them is amazing Their feelings for each other are evident, but how can they have this kind of relationship when they are stepbrother and stepsister There s a whole lot of love, lust, trust and guilt for you to discover in thi 3.
5 sweet enough STARS Review Midnight RomanceAlexa Riley always give us a short escape into OTT romance The cover was really gorgeous I was anticipated this but the reality is really different Not a forbidden story Boo The kiss isn t soft like I was expecting It s not careful or tentative it s intense and hungry In the blink of an eye, I find myself kissing him back with the same urgency.
Libby Moore and Jasper Lewis always want each other since their first together Not really insta love cuz they re already a family Libby s mother married to Jasper s father They re step sibling I liked the slow burn intimacy between Libby and Jasper Moreover, another man take interest in Libby and it makes Jasper like a bulldozer LiterallyShow it to me, baby girl I ve waited so long to see it Show me that sweet little virgin pussy of yours, b

She s LIVE US 2.
5 Smutty StarsDon t get me wrong I love Alexa Riley Her taboo smutty books are really enticing But I feel like her storylines are kind of repetitive and they are slowly getting old in my opinion This book was no different.
Libby Moore is secretly in love with her stepbrother Jasper Lewis Jasper, on the other hand, feels the same way about Libby Ever since Libby s mom married Jasper s dad, they ve already been attracted to each other However, Jasper didn t want to cross the line by hitting on his stepsister so he moved on his own so he can avoid her But because they simply can t get away from each other and the sexual tension is always there, they re about to do the forbidden.
Just like Alexa Riley s previous books, this book was a short and fast moving read What I loved about it was the fact that it has enough substance that equals the amount of smut