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Edition Two Men Two Vastly Different Backgrounds One Partnership That Will Change Everything For Them Both Detective Tony Savage Selvaggio Left His Hometown Of Chicago After Tragic Events Left Him Lonely And Bereft Now A Homicide Detective For Indianapolis Metro Police, Tony Guards His Heart Behind His Carefully Crafted Mask Of Suave, Charming Italian Wise Guy The Anger And Rage Are Still There, Though, Simmering Beneath The Surface, But Tony Doesn T Let Anyone Ever Get Close Enough To Hurt Him [Paulette Oakes] ☆ Taming the Savage [bulgarian-literature PDF] read Online í Again Until Detective Mick Fletcher Has Just Moved To Indianapolis To Escape His Own Past His Plate Is Than Full With His New Move, And Arriving At His New Job To Hear That His Sexuality Was Already A Topic Of Conversation Was Not What He Needed, Nor Was His New Partner Mick Didn T Know How To Take This Italian Hothead With Mercurial Mood Swings, But He Was Determined To Make It Work It Didn T Matter That Tony Was Gorgeous, Had No Concept Of Personal Space, And Immediately Insinuates Himself Into Mick S Life He Could Ignore His Increasing Attraction To His Hetero Partner, Or Die Trying This Book Contains Explicit Sexual Content Between Two Men, Vulgar Language, Cursing, Mild Drug Use, And Dubious Italian American Phrases Not Intended For Readers Under The Age Of Seinem neuen Kollegen sieht der Cop Tony Selvaggio mit gemischten Gef hlen entgegen Doch Mick Fletcher erweist sich als sympathischer und angenehmer Junge aus dem S den Selbstbewusst versteckt er seine Homosexualit t nicht und st rzt mit seinem guten Aussehen und Selbstbewusstsein den hitzk pfigen Tony ziemlich schnell in unerw nschte Verwirrung Doch sehr schnell wird ihre Aufmerksamkeit auf ihren ersten gemeinsamen Fall gelenkt und sie m ssen den Tod einer jungen Frau kl ren.
Mick f hlt sich zu dem temperamentvollen Tony, der aus einer gro en italienischen Familie stammt, hingezogen Und auch Tony sieht sich mit Gef hlen und Bed rfnissen konfrontiert, die er eigentlich l ngst vergraben und vergessen hat Nun, nicht ganz vergessen Auch er ist erst ein Jahr in Chicago und hat hnlich wie Mick eine schmerzhafte Vergangenheit zur ckgelassen.
Der Crime Anteil 2.
5 Kindle Freebie 6 15 17 This one was ridiculous Just ridiculous I just can t even begin to tell you how ridiculous this book was is But I can try.
Tony Tony Tony Tony Good grief, I don t think I ve read astereotypical American Italian dude From the fuddgetaboutits, to having a large, loud, overly opinionated, nosy family, to the smatterings of idiotic sounding slang most of which sounded made up , to his temper It s like the author took every Italian stereotype and decided to form a character with only that info Ugh Mick, sort of the same thing, maybe just a little less OTTR He s just a simple country boy with an aww shucks attitude who knows how to read people, except apparently when they re planning on drugging him Seriously, what the hell kind of police officer lets himself be roofied in a bar More than once we get an example of ho Marone There s a lot of dross about in the romance genre and in particularly the M M Once in a while a book comes along and surprises the hell out of you and Taming the Savage is one of them It s well written, extremely funny, scorching hot and an all round enjoyable read I don t leave reviews very often due to the amount I read, which is alot but this one is definitely worth reading It had everything you d want to escape for a few enjoyable hours and I know it ll definitely be going on my re read list If you like Kindle Alexander, Riley Hart, Kora Knight and Sloane Kennedy, you ll love this Cheers Paulette, I ll definitely be searching outof you work.
Ö Taming the Savage Í This was a quick freebie I picked up on a recommendation and it was actually surprisingly awesome I really recommend it, and I hope this author doesin the MM genre.
Just did a reread Nothing to break up a book slump like some hot alpha cops going at it Did I mention I like this book Taking the Savage by Paulette OakesThe rating for this book is well earned with such a great story line I enjoy reading romantic detective novels and this one contained all the facets of a great novel, hot romance, intrigue and hot men Great book, enjoyed reading.
DNF at 72% I couldn t endure .
This is the story of Tony, the cop from Chicago and from an Italian family and his new partner, Mick, a blond and hulky guy from Kentucky Here, you can apply all the clich s that come to mind They solve a crime while everybody swoon over how hot they are They meet the oh so great family of Mick with the cool Mum smoking Marijuana under the nose of her very pregnant daughter Then, they become partners in bed where Tony Jr gets some action face palm and the day after, dear sister has her baby and offer her eggs for Tony and Mick to get a child on their own I rest my case.
Really good Enjoyed this very much Good characters, humorous, with a good story line The nicknames were fun as well A definite re read for me.