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Set in San Francisco, in a world where wizards, shape shifters and vampires exist unknown to the human population, this is a captivating, action packed and thrilling adventure The supernatural world that Ms Landon has created is intriguing and I found myself totally immersed in Tasia s journey Tasia has always kept a low profile, hiding in plain sight in order to guard her deadly secrets, until the night she rescues an injured shifter She is now forced to turn to the shifter pack for protection when her good deed draws unwanted attention and danger to her Tasia is new to the shifter s ways and struggles to fit in, and seems to cross the Alpha at every turn He knows that she is keeping secrets but Tasia is reluctant to open up After reading the synopsis on Goodreads I thought that the book sounded like something that I would like, WOW did I underestimate that This book was everything that I look for in a fantasy It had great plot, characters, edge of your seat action, and an element of suspense all weaving together seamlessly into one great story.
The characters are very well put together, and I just seemed to connect with each and every one of them in totally different ways Found myself rooting for some, apprehensive of others, disliking in a good way a few, and laughing along with many The characters drive this story, with extremely well done backstories that were expertly integrated into the story as to not feel like the story took a lull while telling them The tensions the author was able to bring to life whether it be between chara Click Banner to be directed to Giveaway Post on Tome Tender 5 WinnersA Kindle copy of The Prophecy by Petra LandonApril 24 May 7, 2017Action, mystery, suspense and intrigue all come into play with The Prophoecy with a little hint of romantic possibilities to come The Prophecy is a fast paced and at times action intense story Its packed with strong characters and backed by a highly engaging plot What I enjoyed most was the completely new take on the paranormal world.
Landon does a marvelous job at world building and creating a place you can let our imagination go.
I received this copy of The Prophecy from Petra Landon This is my honest and voluntary review.
This is Urban Fantasy at its best there are many types of sups in the book and this makes for an excellent start to this series The book isn t perfect, there s some monotonous dialogue but, IMHO no writer is completely perfect and the story and originality makes up for mistakes that take nothing away from the enjoyment of the story itself I received this as one of my Prime books and it lingered on my shelf for months, but I m glad because once I read it I only had a couple of weeks to wait until book 2 was released now I m impatiently waiting for the next one.
This book has several main characters Tasia a witch with powers that the vampires thought they had destroyed years ago She is in hiding, working two dead end jobs and flying under the radar a level two wizard where she uses her low level abilitied to make extra money d Powerful Wizard Threatens The Chosen From Beyond The Grave Can They Unravel The Prophecy In Time To Save Their World Chosen Have Walked The Earth For Time Immemorial Tasia Is A Very Special Chosen Warned To Keep Her Distance From Her Brethren, She Makes A Fateful Decision One Night To Assist An Injured Shape Shifter Suddenly, Tasia Finds Herself In The Cross Hairs Of Shifter Mercenaries Encroaching On San Francisco Forced Out Of The Shadows, Tasia Has Little Choice But To Ally [Petra Landon] ò The Prophecy (Saga of the Chosen, #1) [classical-music PDF] read Online ò Herself With The Local Shifter Pack Led By A Formidable And Dangerous Alpha Protector In The Cut Throat World Of A Shifter Pack, Tasia Must Fight To Protect Her Secrets While Struggling To Negotiate With The Enigmatic Alpha Who Holds His Violent Pack Together With A Ruthless Hand On Its ReinsGrave Danger Threatens Their World As A Powerful Wizard Exploits An Old Prophecy To Divide The Chosen When The Pack Is Asked To Investigate The Twenty Five Year Old Mystery, Tasia Is Drawn Deeper Into A Past That Risks Raising The Suspicions Of The Very Chosen She Hides From As Danger Closes In On Her, Tasia Must Decide Who To Trust With The Deadly Secrets She GuardsAuthor S Note The Prophecy Is The First Book Of Saga Of The Chosen , An Urban Fantasy Series Sprinkled With Action, Adventure, An Unfolding Mystery And A Dose Of Romance Set In Contemporary San Francisco In The Fantastical And Intrigue Ridden World Of Chosen Where Factions Of Wizards, Shape Shifters, Vampires And Others Vie For Power And Influence Over Their Kind, It Introduces Tasia Armstrong, A Magick With Dangerous Secrets And Powers Circumstances Propel Tasia From A Nondescript Life On The Fringes Of Chosen Society To A Crucial Role In An Investigation To Decode A Mysterious Plot From The Past That Threatens Her People Along The Way, She Gains New Friends And Allies While Struggling To Maintain A Tempestuous Alliance With The Local Shape Shifter Pack Thrust Into A World Where The Line Between Friend And Foe Is Often Hard To Decipher, Tasia Must Figure Out The Rules Quickly Even As Danger Stalks Ever Closer To HerThe Rainmaker Will Be Book Two In This Series Librarian S Note See Alternate Cover Edition Of ASIN BNBZOLM Here

There are so many wonderful characters in this story Tasia, the main character, risks her life and anonymity to save someone she doesn t even know Hawk is the loyal big brother type who can be counted on for comfort when needed Sara is Hawk s sister who befriends Tasia and helps her learn the ways of the Pack despite her own discomfort around them Sienna and Jason are working with the Pack temporarily and have also come to care about Tasia The Pack s Alpha Raoul extended protection to Tasia the moment she rescued Hawk, one of his closest Pack members Even when Tasia told Raoul off and turned her back on him, he didn t hesitate to rescue her when her very life was in danger.
These are characters I admire, respect, and would be grateful to have as friends They are loyal and faithful to Tasia and she needs themthan she realizes I believe they also need her, too They need her 3.
5 5 stars Disclaimer I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review As a powerful wizard threatens the Chosen from beyond the grave, can they unravel The Prophecy in time to save their world Tasia is a very special Chosen Warned to keep her distance from her brethren, she makes a fateful decision one night to assist an injured Shape shifter Suddenly, Tasia finds herself in the cross hairs of Shifter mercenaries encroaching on San Francisco and their vampire allies Forced out of the shadows, Tasia has little choice but to ally herself with the local Shifter Pack, led by a formidable and dangerous Alpha Protector In the cut throat world of a Shifter Pack, Tasia must fight to guard her secrets while struggling to negotiate with the enigmati ↠´ The Prophecy (Saga of the Chosen, #1) ↠´ Wizards, shifters and vampires, all power hungry, all co existing in San Francisco, but things are about to get very dicey as secrets, both new and old force their way to the surface and either the supernaturals learn to play nice together or face the hell that threatens to break loose, possibly destroying them all Can the vamps learn to play nice with the shifters Can the Wizards lose a little of their paranoia long enough to survive the coming prophecy Things that go bump in the night are caught up in a nightmare of epic proportions and it may all hinge on one powerful woman who has hidden who and what she really is just to survive.
Tasia followed her heart and that one action put her in good standing with the local were pack and its cold as steel alpha has offered her their protection but that protection will come with a price Petra Landon s THE PROPHECY is a cut above many Thanks to the author for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
I m so so so surprised by this book Mainly because it has very little readers on Goodreads I wasn t really sure what I was getting into, when Petra Landon asked me to read the book It took me some time to get into, but I loved it I ll tell you why.
This review was first posted on BiteIntobooks BlogProsLanguage choice I truly loved the way this book was written I learned SO MUCH new English words It was written beautifully and described so well The words that were used added a lot of depth to the story There were so much words that you don t see that often in a book and it was great to read a book with a different feel to it So happy with my Kindle Dictionary, since English is not my native language Lot of mystery The book starts with a lot of mystery and also ends with a lot of m 3.
5 5.
0This is a very promising start to what looks like a fabulous urban fantasy series The story is unique and extremely engaging, pulling the reader in almost immediately The only glitch in the story was the constant repetition of thoughts, points, extra Readers are told something, then soon after that same point is re told almost verbatim of the first time Then, further on, that same point is again re told This happens often enough that it slows the story and gets very annoying If the author tightened up those stop points, this book would truly be a 5 star read The story is seriously that good