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Richie s Picks Wild Bird by Wendelin Van Draanen, Random House Alfred A Knopf, September 2017, 320p.
, ISBN 978 1 101 94044 0 You got a lotta nerveTo say you are my friend Bob Dylan, Positively 4th Street 1965 We start near some green plants at the base of a rocky area and work our way up to a small pool of rainwater trapped in the rocks Since it s rainwater and pretty fresh, you can just drink it, she tells me The water we ll get from under the riverbed we have to filter and purify I m dying for a drink And I can see the water, but the opening s not wide enough to dip a canteen or billypot inside She opens one of her cargo pockets and stretches out her length of plastic tubing Shall we Oh A straw.
I stick one end of mind down into the water and suck on the other I loved this because it was so unexpected I loved the humor This book had me laughing out loudthan once I loved the MC s sarcasm and her obliviousness to the feelings of others It was really funny I also liked Wren s journey as she went through her forced 8 week ordeal at a wilderness therapy camp in the Utah desert The author added many little touches that added heart and insight throughout the story For example, the relationship Wren had with her little brother was sweet, the way she recognized when a person wasn t a real friend but was perplexed about what to do about it and the complexity of the relationship with her parental unit Some of this was over the top, but it was an entertaining read So 5 stars because I d read this again.
I m blindfolded for what feels like an hour, jostled around on a dirt road, breathing in dust, feeling like I m on a sketchy version of Disneyland s Raiders of the Lost Ark ride Like in another turn we might go crashing down a mountain Then I remind myself We re in the desert The flat, ugly desert I recently received an ARC for Wild Bird, and I spent three hours crying, laughing, cheering, tensing up, shouting, and saying WOW over and over again as I read this incredibly honest, powerful, and compelling story of one teenager s journey from destruction, loneliness, and bitterness to acceptance, strength, and courage Wendelin Van Draanen takes her readers on an unforgettable ride through the Utah desert as Wren experiences eight weeks of survival camping in a Desert Prison and learns to start a fire in the wilderness and inside herself As I found this recommended on a Newbery blog about six months ago, and I have no idea why Like Vincent and Theo, I don t see it fit the age bracket at all My first two potential Newbery reads are therefore 0 2 much like the Yankees this ALDS , and I d be kinda depressed if not for Patina.
Patina is SO GREAT Anyway, I found this to be overwritten decent pacing, though but mostly, I found this spectacularly, insultingly unbelievable Eight weeks Made me cry Loved it Wren is 14 and is hanging out with friends who do drugs and shoplift Her parents have tried everything and, as the book opens, she is dragged out of bed and taken to the airport to travel to a therapeutic wilderness program.
This book follows the same pattern as similar stories I m familiar with Wild by Cheryl Strayed, Dear Cassie by Lisa Burstein, and to a lesser degree, This is How it Happened by Paula Stokes but I guess that s sort of the point Wren went from closed and angry and blaming others to gaining confidence and better insight into her choices and relationships Longer review on the blog on August 31.
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com or check out my bookstagram I received a free advance copy of That S When They Come For Wren Clemens She S Hustled Out Of Her House And Into A Waiting Car, Then A Plane, And Then Taken On A Forced March Into The Desert This Is What Happens To Kids Who Ve Gone So Far Off The Rails, Their Parents Don T Know What To Do With Them Any This Is Wilderness Therapy Camp The Wren Who Arrives In The Utah Desert Is Angry And Bitter, And Blaming Everyone But Herself But Angry Can T Put Up A [Wendelin Van Draanen] ✓ Wild Bird [siglo-de-oro PDF] read Online Ð Tent And Bitter Won T Start A Fire Wren S Going To Have To Admit She Needs Help If She S Going To Survive In Her Most Incisive And Insightful Book Yet, Beloved Author Wendelin Van Draanen S Offers A Remarkable Portrait Of A Girl Who Took A Wrong Turn And Got Lost But Who May Be Able To Find Her Way Back Again In The Vast, Harsh Desert ã Wild Bird ☆ Out here Mother Nature is my judge and jury, and no amount of objecting or redirecting or even being out of order will get me out of this The only way to survive my sentence is to serve it I truly, truly enjoyed this novel Having been through extremely tough experiences with people who are very similar to Wren and her fellow inmates, Wild Bird touched me in a much deeper way that I expected it to Van Draanen crafts a story that delves deeply into what makes us hurt and angry, as well as what helps us survive those emotions Kudos to the author for actually creating a believable fourteen year old character Seriously, how many YA novels do we read that have teenagers whoclosely resemble hardened, mature thirty year olds than young people I consistently find myself rolling my eyes at characters we are supposed to believe are authentic representations of teenagers Wild B This book was sooooooooooo good Like so good.
WHAT I LIKED It s placed in a middle school setting and I think it relates to a lot of people Not that people view spoiler like do drugs and drink in middle school Even though they do hide spoiler This and other reviews can be found on The Psychotic Nerd Actual Rating 3.
5 Short and Simple Review This book features a teenage girl, Wren, being forced by her parents to attend a Utah wilderness camp after she gets into the wrong crowd The book immediately starts with Wren being taken in the very early morning with no clue what is happening There s a lot of denial on her part, and anger Throughout a large part of the beginning, Wren yells at everyone and whines for help, not that I blame her She has no idea how to survive in the Utah wilderness and she does have good reason to be upset It was great, though, to see throughout this book how much she grows and changes This book mostly takes place inside Wren s head, as sometimes not a whole lot happens in the wilderness, but it was interesting seeing the pieces fall into place as she slowly tells us what made her parents send her to the