æ Endurance (Iron Breakers, #2) ð Download by Î Zaya Feli

So yesterday I left Akata Witch, the book I am currently reading at home and this all trilogy courtesy of Line who pointed out it was free onwas on my kindle.
I started reading on the commute to work and I was hooked I am in fact half way through book three type of hooked I have decided to come back and rate the trilogy when I finish book 3, in the meantime though this is a highly entertaining series, an easy as in a well written, easily flowing read with interesting characters and relentless action Thoroughly enjoying it And here I am as promised the whole series is a solid 4.
5 stars for me and it goes on my favourite shelf All in all I enjoyed this to no end and highly recommend it 3.
5 stars I liked this one a little bitthan the first one, mostly because I managed to stop imagine Anik as a 5 4 big girl one of my friends is called Anik and she is waaaay to cute to be intimidating I feel like I really am invested in the story now, and I can t wait for the next book to come out There are quite a few flaws though, from the story line, to the pace, to the way conflicts are solved and the writing, which isn t the best But overall, I do really enjoy the story and the dynamic between Ren and Anik Maybe I ll write a full review later, if I can find motivation to do so probably not lol.
My heart hurts Just when these two idiots who clearly care a lot for each other were about to confess all the feelings That Had To Happen The sad part is I knew it From book one I knew it Much better than book one A little darker, a lot happened that I didn t see coming but still an enjoyable read.
I enjoyed this a lot, I like almost all characters, it s well written and entertaining and there were a lot of awesome plot twists The only bad thing I have to say is that there also seem to be quite a few plot holes or at least things aren t always explained that well, so I am confused by some character s motivations, their pasts, how things fit together as well as how much time passes between things happening.
Overall still very good and enjoyable Rating 4.
5 starsI m afraid the dream will burst if it s spoken too loudlyI was here to have a good time and I feel so attacked right now.
Listen up hoes, read this This is such a strong second installment The characters especially Ren go through so much and grow so much Anik is basically my new favourite but he was always liked by me anyway The plot was great Honestly, idk what else to say but that this attacked me in the last few pages and I am happy to have the last book to dive right into it because I honestly feel so so attacked by that fucking cliffhanger read IT read IT read IT read IT.

I really didn t expect these books to be so exciting I m totally hooked ☆ Endurance (Iron Breakers, #2) ☆ why did they end it like that again jfc looks like im continuing right now Rep male bi mc, gay li zaya feli what is with you and cliffhangers Just as good as the first book I loved how Ren and Anik s friendship evolved Clearly in this book, they have each other s back no matter what, they keep saving each other and doing stupid things becauseI care about you I really appreciated Ren s character development he was basically full of himself in the first book, had prejudices against Lowlanders but in this book he finally sees that being different doesn t mean you re a bad person.
Anik made me want to scream half the time, not because he s an awful character, but because he kept putting himself in danger to save Ren, and NO DON T DO THAT.
There was a lotaction in this book than in the previous one, that s for sure There never was a moment I waited for something to happen, it was just action after action and that s nice when you read a book and you aren t bored I kinda guessed the plot Their Victory Short Lived And Enemies Lurking Around Every Corner, Odds Are Stacking Against Ren In His Attempt To Recover The Throne Of Frayne Ren, Anik, And A Handful Of Inexperienced Soldiers Are Sent To Fort Endurance, Frayne S Highest Security PrisonForced To Adapt To A Harsh Environment Where Only The Toughest Survive, Ren Is Unsure How Much He Can Rely On Anik, Who S Battling Demons Of His OwnWhen A Message Arrives Signed With æ Endurance (Iron Breakers, #2) ð Download by Î Zaya Feli The Mysterious Fox Sigil, Ren And Anik Are Forced To Face Truths For Which Neither Is PreparedEndurance Is The Second Book In The Iron Breakers Trilogy