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This is too cute that make me gonna cry, so that this is really cute, and the art is awesome.
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Is Back Smaller And Better Than Ever When The Guardians Of The Galaxy Get Caught In A Wormhole, A Pint Sized Groot Finds Himself Out On His Own, Billions Of Light Years Away From His Team, On An Entirely Alien And Unknown World Full Of Strange Creatures And Societies Seriously Underdeveloped And With Nobody Who Can Understand Him, Groot Will Need To Make The Journey To The Center Of This World If He Is To Find The Download Epub Format ✓ I Am Groot PDF by Ä Christopher Hastings Way Back To His Family COLLECTING I Am Groot A cute, weird, and trippy tale with our favorite little guy, Groot I ve never seen any of the movies, but I did enjoy this super quick read.
One word weird It must be quite a strenuous job to write a standalone comic book on Groot or any sentient being which lacks the ability to express itself using a mutually understandable language A still art even possesschallenges than movies due to lack of advantage of using appropriate variations of tone to express different emotions One has to rely on the context and facial expressions alone to comprehend dialogues which are not suggestive enough It also necessitates clarifications by other characters which ruins the mysticism one of the most important elements of the comic universe Hastings has still done a good job in sketching his character Story arc, narration and character developmentI really liked watching Groot in MCU movies because his scenes, in fact, all of the Guardians of the Galaxy s, are a comical relief in an otherwise highly cons º I Am Groot ä Really juvenile.
I expected cute and absurd and I got cute and absurd After all it was Baby Groot s solo adventure.

Groot falls through time and space and has the trippiest adventure of the Marvel catalogue, totally bonkers.
If books were rated based on the cuteness of their lead character, then I Am Groot would easily receive five stars Sure, any art team would have to go out of their way to make Baby Groot look anything but cute, yet Flaviano and colourist Marcio Menyz go the extra mile in making that little tree so damn adorable.
Unfortunately, his cuteness and the overall quality of the artwork only earn the book two stars, as I Am Groot is otherwise entirely forgettable Considering his last solo outing was the fantastic Groot mini series, this was a huge letdown It s a light and quick read if you re into the character, but there s no way i d recommend it over Loveness, Kesinger and Gandini s far superior offering.