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This is a wonderful book that introduces birds from exotic birds like a peacock to chickens We see each bird, labelled, and a grouping of their feathers to show that all the feathers are not the same As well the reader can play Where s the cat on each page You do not see the full cat, perhaps just an ear or the tail The cat is not trying to hunt the birds, but it seems they are observing along with the reader At the end, we find out that the cat just wanted feathers to make a comfy pillow The illustrations are wonderful This is a great way to introduce bird watching, talk about types of feathers and their purposes, as well as where birds live, what they eat etc I really liked this book and so did my grandson When we went outside he started looking for birds and asking what is that one called A wonderful book for a home, public or school lib This book is so cute The artwork is gorgeous Each page features the cat and a different bird I love that it teaches about birds and what their feathers look like showing the feather in amazing detail I also love that the cat Plume peeks in each picture I really hope there is a second book full of different birds and Plume.
This Lovely Book, Young Readers Are Introduced To A Variety Of Beautiful Birds, From The Familiar Chicken To The Exotic Ibis But Lurking In The Background Of Every Page Is A Cat, Who Also Seems Very Interested In The Birds With Its Funny Illustrations And Engaging Concepts, This Clever Counting Book Will Invite Readers To Linger Over Every [ read Online Plume ☆ dc-comics PDF ] by Isabelle Simler É Page I received this ARC from Netgalley for an honest review.
This is a stunning book that introduces birds from exotic birds to chickens Beautiful drawings and the fun of following the cat throughout the book.
Ô Plume Ô A cute little mix of cat and birds Teaches kids that there are many different kinds of feathers, and keeps them occupied with trying to find out what kitty Plume is doing As an adult, I enjoyed the pretty pictures Received a copy on NetGalley.
The delicate drawings in beautiful color of the feathers plumage or plumes, is a real treat to ponder over.
The amazing variety of birds pictured by Isabelle Simler is wonderful and while the feathers are rather detailed and startlingly beautiful, the birds themselves are less natural or detailed They are quite sufficient to identify the bird and she has imbued them with subtle expressions that indicate their knowledge and fear of black cat which is nearby.
Young children probably won t fully appreciate the delicacy and intricate drawings of the beautiful bird feathers Nor will they get the sneaky, stealth of the black cat But the cunning black cat is present and creeping up on the birds all through the book.
The story is virtually no Beautifully illustrated.

4 Stars Plume is a good book for a child interested in feathers I like how it includes different types of feathers from the same bird The illustrations are cute and not too cartoonish I think it would be something that ll entertain a child for a couple minutes.
ADORABLE As a proud owner of a mini black panther and someone who enjoys feathers I decided to jump onin the chance to review this childreen book, and I think is a very sweet one for a younger audience They can see the bird and its feathers, and can play a spot the cat game on each of the illustrations Also, the cat is in no way menacing or trying to hunt the birds, and in the end explains she only wants the feathers to make a pillow, so all very friendly I received this from Netgalley in excharge for an honest review This is a picture book that helps children indentify feathers and birds They can use this at home or even at the zoo The concept of this is great but I did not find it that special I think it should have a small description a line or two of each bird But I understand that children who do not know how to read are the ones who are going to read this book The illustrations are fantastic