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I m not even sure how I had the stomach to continue with this series, but the level of gruesome horror in this webtoon is something so new to me that I found myself drawn to the genre I know that there is a ton of controversy surrounding the Killing Stalking manga, though the reason I m loving it is because of the fact that I feel as if I have Stockholm syndrome The story is written and portrayed in such a way that makes you trust in the kidnapper when the protagonist begins to.
This is some messed up shit, but it s goddamn addicting.
Yoon Bum is gonna need some serious mental help.
Est segunda temporada fue m s fuerte que la primera.
Es incre ble c mo siempre pienso que va a pasar esto y despu s el personaje de Sangwoo hace todo lo contrario Necesito que Bum este bien, y sea libre.
Las ilustraciones han mejorado, siguen siendo excelentes, reflejan bien cada acci n y sentimiento de los personajes.
Seguir con las dem s temporadas No recomiendo este manhwa a menores de 18 a os, ya que habla de temas muy fuertes como el abuso, violaci n, acoso,.
y pueden llegar a impactar.
Are you still upset that Hannibal was cancelled but also want something even fucked up Then Killing Stalking might be for you Seriously though, I absolutely love this series but it is messed up Warning for literally everything rape, murder, stockholme syndrome, incest, domestic violence apparently NOT pedophilia although Bum does look very young in those flashbacks uh, nudity Although honestly if you re okay with the rest of that then nudity is nothing Anyway, I really enjoyed this second season ending on a cliffhanger AGAIN Come on, Koogi It s just a really fascinating story and I think she writes Sangwoo very well in that sometimes even you as the reader are wondering what his game is and whether or not he s possibly actually being nice for once spoiler alert he s not lol Can t wait for season 3 Û 킬링 스토킹 Û See review book 1

this is so so messed up but so so good Advancing through Killing Stalking is like walking in a completely dark room You have no idea where you are or what s going to happen next.
Becuse of having read this manga by issues and not divided in volumes, I cannot tell where the second part begins But I can assure you it has one of the most cardiac endings I have ever read.
I must admit I m a kidnapping stories fan, and Killing Stalking creates the perfect ambientation for what I consider a masterpiece.
the concept of the story being told by pictures make it even thrilling, and you really get to feel haunted by Sangwoo.
I don t understand why, but I could not stop reading this It s gory, and filled with abuse, and just about any other topic which could be considered a trigger warning And yet, I stayed up till 3 in the morning reading it.
Just like the first season, it kept me on the edge of my seat I m stuck between wanting Yoonbum to stay with Sangwoo and wanting his freedom.
Bum, A Scrawny, Quiet Boy, Has A Crush On One Of The Most Popular And Handsome Guys In School, Sangwoo One Day, With Yoon Bum S Obsession Toward Sangwoo Reaching Its Peak, Yoon Bum Decides To Enter Sangwoo S Home But What He Sees Inside Is Not The Sangwoo He Had Dreamed Of Download Epub Format é 킬링 스토킹 PDF by à Koogi Chapters