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Really enjoyed this one Great worldbuilding, nicely high stakes, and wonderful characters I m excited to readin this series WOW I LOVED THIS BOOK LOVE, LOVE, LOVED IT.
I m always a bit hesitant to read sci fi because so many times I feel like the romance gets put on the back burner for the sake of world building, trying to come up with as many weird names and weird non earth creatures as possible, that it gets away from what I want to read which is the romance I am very happy to say that in this story, it s definitely about the romance In fact, there are 2 of them going on in this story I never read the original when it was part of the GR event here, so I obviously have nothing to compare it to, but I was blown away with the world building AND the romance in this I just loved Gabe and Sunder together, how much they wanted each other but thought they could never have the other, and th Loved this one Sunder is amazing and I loved seeing Gabe come into his own The world building is fantastic Can t wait for the next in the series.
S nder trembled under his touch, his face pressed to Gabe s skin I thought I could be patient and woo you Court you, go as slow as you wanted I want to be your friend and your lover, your mate of choice, but I ve found I m not that strong I want you for my mate, Gabe I loved this story when it was first written as Darksoul Part One as a part of the M M Romance Group s Love is an Open Road event Back then it was unfinished hence the part one and I was so hoping for the next part Luckily, Lexi Ander has now revised and expanded Darksoul to create the whole and complete story of S nder and Gabe inS nder Dark Soul 1 .
The world this story is set in is incredibly fleshed out and proves just how great Ander is at creating whole universes for her stories which are About a thousand years in Earth s future, a lot has changed due to the discovery of several alien species, and yet the world Lexi Ander has created for this exciting new series hasin common with today s than I first suspected Yes, there are multiple alien species, their varied societies and cultures, and lots of intergalactic politics But there are also environmental issues on a larger scale than we see today, power hungry despots ruthlessly following their goals, and interpersonal and family problems we are very familiar with in the 21st century The story is told mainly by S nder, a Ch ndari n male faeborn with magick that makes him an outcast in some people s eyes, and Gabe, a dedicated human nurse who has no idea about his true heritage Others very occasionally chime in as well, and this makes for an intricately woven tale tha

3 StarsWow, that was one helluva storyand I can t help but see it as a metaphor for how power greed is corrupting our own planet How the factions are fighting to stay in charge and letting the need to fix the environment fall to the wayside as they grapple with delivering the desires of special interests I loved how the oily substance had a name that looks like it could be pronounced Evil LOL at the Earth fans with S nder 3s Gabe 4evar signs I think we will always be the most rabid shippers I really do hope there areto this series Yes, we got at least one side couple s storybut I want to see if my suspicions for A yre Paolo come true And Oh, yeah, like I mentioned in the update, the Booker family thing Genetica ☆ Sūnder ☆ Lexi Ander has again blown me away I started reading the free short story but I was so intrigued that I went and purchased the full extended story This futuristic Earth has aliens, magick, corruption, suspense and so much hot sweaty man love.
I can t get enough of this world and can only hope that we getstories I m desperate for Ayre to find love.
I loved this enough to go ahead and give it 5 stars even though I had a couple of niggles Mostly it s just that there s a disconnect between what was the old DRitC story and the expanded full version But I loved the original story and I love all the new material Can t wait to see what happens next.
There was a lot going on in this story, lots of different characters and their povs, lots of different situations, lots of world building and a lot of history that somehow comes all together This is definitely a book where the MCs share the spot light with the secondary characters.
I can t tell if it was me or if part of the story telling was a bit scattered most likely it was me , but keeping up with the different species with special gifts and purposes and how they tied in to each other was a challenge at first I normally don t care for repetitiveness in a story, but in this case, I was grateful for it I didn t have to resort to constant backtracking or referring to the glossary to understand what was what and who was who This book has a sweet and loving couple, loveable secondary characters, lots of action, decent steam, and interesting revelations.
I ve had a cou S Nder Al Rd Had Been Born Female He Would Have Been Cherished For Being Faeborn Born With Magick And His Birth Celebrated Instead, His L F N Mother Insisted On His Death Only His Panthr N Father S Desperate Escape Through The Forest Saved Him With Most Ch Ndari Ns Uneasy In His Presence Due To Rumors He Is Doomed To Become A Darksoul, And Unlikely To Find A Mate Because Of It, Sunder Has Nevertheless Carved Out An Honorable Existence [Lexi Ander] × Sūnder [classical-music PDF] read Online × As A Warrior And Commander Serving As Bodyguard And Chaperone For The Ch Ndari N Prince, S Nder Accompanies His Charge To The Annual Mating Festival On Earth, And When The Prince Is Injured, He Can T Help But Be Fascinated By The Tongue Tied Nurse Who Attends Them At The HospitalAt Sixteen Years Of Age, Gabriel St Baptista Came Home To Discover His Parents Had Taken Off Into Space, Leaving Him Behind To Look After Himself Gabe Never Recovered From The Unexpected Desertion, And Keeps Everyone At Arm S Length To Avoid Being Abandoned Again However, After Meeting S Nder, Gabe Finds Himself Unable To Resist The Bond Between Them And Breaks All Of His Carefully Crafted Rules To Spend Time With The Ch Ndari N, Regardless Of The Fact That S Nder Will Soon Leave Scared By What He Feels For S Nder, Gabe Can Only Hope His Heart Won T Be Too Broken When S Nder Returns To Ch NdariaBut Deceit And Treachery Is All Around Them, And When Gabe Saves S Nder S Life, It Sets Off A Chain Of Events That Could Either Tear Gabe And S Nder Apart Or Give Them Both Exactly What They Want