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I was excited when a great reading friend brought The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning to my attention The title made me laugh, but it really does make sense D st dning is the Swedish word for the concept d is translated as death, and st dning means cleaning This can mean clearing out after a loved one has died, but it s so muchMargareta Magnusson encourages people to downsize and begin to responsibly clear out their own things as they get older so relatives aren t stuck doing it all after they are gone.
The author writes with a wise, kind, humorous, and upbeat voice about how to begin, how to deal with clothes, books, collections, photographs, even pets, and how to death clean any hidden or secret parts of your life She includes FOUR STARSIt s no secret I ve been on a minimalist kick for the last year or so I ve read lots of decluttering how to books and aside from Marie Kondo s way out wacky method, they re all basically the same.
This book was a sweet surprise I downloaded the audio version from the library and didn t know much about it except that it was short YESSSS, no snide comments please I m trying to meet my reading goal and short audio books count, too The book is impressively written by a debut author who describes herself as between 80 100 yrs old I wish she was my next door neighbor, she has so many interesting stories and knows about this death cleaning business first hand A death cleaning is what family members are forced to do with your stuff when you die After having handled 5 death cleanings over her many years, I guess she rightfully fel Charming, Practical, And Unsentimental Approach To Putting A Home In Order While Reflecting On The Tiny Joys That Make Up A Long LifeIn Sweden There Is A Kind Of Decluttering Called D St Dning, Dmeaning Death And St Dning Meaning Cleaning This Surprising And Invigorating Process Of Clearing Out Unnecessary Belongings Can Be Undertaken At Any Age Or Life Stage But Should Be Done Sooner Than Later, Before Others Have To Do It For You In The Gentle Art Of [ read Online Döstädning : ingen sorglig historia ✓ jazz PDF ] by Margareta Magnusson º Swedish Death Cleaning, Artist Margareta Magnusson, With Scandinavian Humor And Wisdom, Instructs Readers To Embrace Minimalism Her Radical And Joyous Method For Putting Things In Order Helps Families Broach Sensitive Conversations, And Makes The Process Uplifting Rather Than OverwhelmingMargareta Suggests Which Possessions You Can Easily Get Rid Of Unworn Clothes, Unwanted Presents, Plates Than You D Ever Use And Which You Might Want To Keep Photographs, Love Letters, A Few Of Your Children S Art Projects Digging Into Her Late Husband S Tool Shed, And Her Own Secret Drawer Of Vices, Margareta Introduces An Element Of Fun To A Potentially Daunting Task Along The Way Readers Get A Glimpse Into Her Life In Sweden, And Also Become Comfortable With The Idea Of Letting Go A nice reminder to occasionally pare down your possessions and discard those that no longer have value In short, be considerate of those who will have to deal with your things once you re gone At least make a start so it isn t so overwhelming for your loved ones to deal with someday A quick and inspiring read about a seldom thought of, yet relevant topic 3.
5 stars Upon spying me talk about this book on Instagram and Facebook, my mother asked if she should be worried I was like Mom, take this as advanced notice that you and Dad need to declutter the basement, the two woodsheds and like your entire house My sibling and I would really appreciate Sibling response Haha, yeah right, I am not helping Isn t there a reason you were born first Ladies and gentlemen, all kidding aside it is for this purpose that Margareta Magnusson wrote this little book Although not earth shattering it is good for all of us to declutter the junk from our lives.
Alrighty, so not what I was looking for This is a gentle nudge about getting your house together with basic breakdowns of clothing, furniture, knickknacks, and personal items Unfortunately, either I have my act together or am wayneurotic that this provided nothing new for me I routinely clear out closets and always have three piles keep, throw, and donate Since other members of my household tend towards hoarding I implemented a rule Buy something, get rid of something actually, in one case it was buy something, get rid of two to work through their pile I d do it, but after the unfortunate incident of me disposing of a bag of treasured items I still refute the treasured claim since they d been abandoned for years I m not allowed or rather choose not to clear out for anyone to ensure domestic tranquility Things that probably gave me an advantage my parents were hoarders collectors t ☆ Döstädning : ingen sorglig historia ☆ A frank, bold term for this kind of clutter clearing Short and inspiring.
This is a quick and gentle read on ways to declutter your home, with the spirit of making it easier for your loved ones to deal with your possessions after you die I was a bit anxious about reading this book, because my mother passed away two years ago and I still have a lot of her possessions that I need to sort through, but I was relieved by the author s calm and soothing tone She tells stories of the death cleanings she s experienced, and the steps she s taken to sort her own things so that her children won t have to worry about it.
This book is a complement to Marie Kondo s work on decluttering, and I d recommend it.
Meaningful Quote The only thing we know for sure is that we will die one day But before that we can try to do almost anything You have collected so much wonderful stuff in your life stuff tha

Other than being utterly adorable, this book doesn t offer much insight beyond get rid of your stuff before you die My two favorite quotes from the book Life will becomepleasant and comfortable if we get rid of some of the abundance I have gone skiing in a bikini on a wonderful, sunny winter day.
Funny, wise, and deeply practicalYes, yes, and yes That last one may throw some people off, but if you re not discouraged by the title or thinking too deeply about mortality, this may be the right book for you For anyone who is intrigued by the Marie Kondo method of tidying up, but not on board with the magic and life changing aspects, this book is probably a good fit for you if you re drawn to apractical philosophy on why you should let go of the clutter.
This book entered my life at the perfect time I received an advance copy for review, the resease date is not until January, 2018 My father passed away six months ago and I did the best I could to clean out his apartment, but I am forever haunted by the experience because it was like going through a museum about someone I loved dearly, and having to get rid of things that meant something to him in his lifetime From family heirlooms to