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This book shows in no uncertain terms the inequities of our current health system I knew there were major problems, but never had read about people who are diagnosed with, for example, cancer and who can t get any medical help for it They are literally turned away from all the hospitals and assistance programs in a pretty wide area I thought there wasof a safety net than there actually is At least, there s hardly any safety net in Texas, and those who are poor and nonwhite fall through it most Barbaric and disgusting However, the book didn t seem to know exactly what it wanted to be Personal and family memoir, journalistic expose, human interest journalism, and stories of being a medical student were all jumbled together Most of it was interesting, but it s Pearson has written about her fairly recent medical training in south Texas in a sort of hybrid memoir social justice issues piece She includes a few representative details about her childhood The daughter of hardworking, poor, and, for some time uninsured parents, she and her brother were much loved and very clever originally planning to pursue a career as a writer, she realized through discussion with her dad that she preferred practical work, whose impact could be seen and felt Medicine just made sense.
Pearson spends a good deal of time documenting the errors she made as a doctor trainee For the most part, students at her medical school learned on the indigent and disadvantaged Pearson appears to have had few encounters with the middle class One insured patient she meets during her internal medicine rotation refuses to be seen by her a student The cont Medical Charts, The Term NAD No Apparent Distress Is Used For Patients Who Appear Stable The Phrase Also Aptly Describes America S Medical System When It Comes To Treating The Underprivileged Medical Students Learn On The Bodies Of The Poor And The Poor Suffer From Their MistakesRachel Pearson Confronted These Harsh Realities When She Started Medical School In Galveston, Texas Pearson, Herself From A Working Class Background, Remains Haunted By The Suicide Of A Close Friend, Experiences Firsthand The Heartbreak Of Her Own [ read Online No Apparent Distress ☆ road-trip PDF ] by Rachel Pearson æ Errors In A Patient S Care, And Witnesses The Ruinous Effects Of A Hurricane On A Texas Town S Medical System In A Free Clinic Where The Motto Is All Are Welcome Here, She Learns How To Practice Medicine With Love And Tenacity Amidst The Raging Injustices Of A System That Favors The Rich And The White No Apparent Distress Is At Once An Indictment Of American Health Care And A Deeply Moving Tale Of One Doctor S Coming Of Age as someone who s spent four years working with mentally ill homeless people, i relate strongly to the feeling that, to paraphrase the author, your life becomes unspeakable the vast majority of the world can t handle these stories, but you need to let them out somewhere where do they go rachel pearson turned hers into art mostly pitch perfect little keyhole glimpses into a world that is impossible to explain, to define, to really convey the true meaning it s difficult to put down, mesmerizing, heartbreaking and inspiring and, to be honest, a 4 star book, but i gave it 5 stars to counteract that one star dumbass who clearly didn t read closely and just let her own shitty politics get in the way.
This is a pretty good book but it had some problems that made it very tedious at times Her editor should have told her that if a character in your book appears for a short finite time you do not need to give their entire life history and your reader most definitely does not want to read that Going with your brother on a commercial fishing trip is interesting a detailed description of how the boat and commercial fishing works is not, at least not in a medical memoir This isa memoir than a book about social injustice in medicine I think we ve all figured out that if you re poor and sick in Texas you re pretty much out of luck but even so the best parts of this book were the stories of truly heroic doctors and medical students struggling to help p If you are deeply concerned about the plight of the poor in America and, in particular, the roadblocks they face in getting even the smallest health care need met then this is going to be an extremely difficult book for you to read.
As I write this review,the date is currently January 23, 2017 Three days ago, Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States of America The House of Representatives and the Senate is in Republican control and it s just a matter of time before a new Supreme Court Justice is appointed who will most certainly be a Conservative which means all three branches of the Federal government will be under Republican control By the time this review is published in late April, it is very lik ✓ No Apparent Distress Ì What a great book that I didn t even know I needed to read, so glad it came my way It s an excellent view into the life of 1 medical student on her journey to becoming a doctor and all the many pitfalls of the process and our American system of healthcare that became abundantly clear along the way A great read for at this time and place as we once again fight out the idea of equal rights to quality healthcare for all of our citizens.
I liked reading about a doctor and her journey through school and life and with her patients I know I sometimes forget that doctors are humans with emotions This is a good book for viewing doctors as humans who feel and do care about their patients.

When Rachel Pearson was a medical student at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, she was given the opportunity to work at the St Vincent community clinic Medical students who volunteered there were able to acquire hands on experience while working with poor, uninsured patients who were primarily minorities, as well as with prisoners in the nearby correctional facility In this revealing memoir, Dr Pearson sheds light on the injustices imbedded in the American health care system which provides better treatment to patients who are white and insured Medical students gained skills and learnedabout the practice of medicine while working with the underprivileged patients Mistakes were made unintentionally at the patients expense But lessons were learn I d recommend this clear eyed insider s glimpse into American health care to readers of Lab Girl and surgeon Henry Marsh Like Hope Jahren s memoir, it s a detailed and earnest story of finding a scientific vocation like Marsh s books, it has something of a confessional tone Rachel Pearson is keenly aware of her failings as a trainee doctor and expresses regret about the patients she didn t save due to her greenness She opens and closes with the story of Mr Rose she missed a tumor the size of two grapefruits in his belly because both of them were such poor historians From here she retreats to tell of her Texas upbringing and the many different hands on stages involved in her medical training a prison hospital, gynecology,