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So Many BlockChain books Already Flooding The Market One May Wonder, Why Another Well, It S Because After Reading Almost books In This Space So Far I Concluded That There Is Still Space For One That Is Kind Of One Stop Guide One That Would Be Beneficial To A Beginner And An Expert Alike In This Book You Will Learn Business Need Of BlockChain How BlockChain Was Introduced Through Crypto Currencies Different BlockChain Frameworks [Debajani Mohanty] » BlockChain One-Stop Guide [womens-studies PDF] read Online » Ethereum, Hyperledger, Ripple, MultiChain And R Corda With Examples IOTA, The Third Generation Futuristic BlockChain Framework The Book Would Be Most Suitable For Business Leaders And Architects To Understand The Capabilities And Utilization Of These Frameworks And Would Help Them To Choose The Right One For Their Respective Business Need In Projects Expert Review BlockChain One Stop Guide From Concept To Execution Is Aimed Not Only At Programmers But Anyone Who Is Interested To Know About BlockChain It Explains What A BlockChain Is With Programming Examples And Applications This Is A Compact And A Short Book Which Will Help Users To Know The BlockChain In No Time Ratan Jyoti, Social Media Influencer For Cybersecurity, Ex CISO Of Vijaya Bank And The First CISO Of Ujjivan Small Finance Bank