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Excellent read A great insight to the political, social and economical mindsets of a latino through the use of comedy A must read Leguizamo S Smash Hit One Man Shows Have Been Acclaimed By Critics And Fans Alike In This New Harper Paperback Edition, All Four Shows Are Compiled Into One Phenomenally Entertaining VolumeMambo Mouth, Leguizamo S First Show, Was An Off Broadway Sensation Leguizamo S Portrayal Of Seven Different Latino Characters Earned Him Both Obie And Outer Critics Circle Awards His Follow Up, Spic O Rama, A Dysfunctional Family Comedy, PresentsHours In The Life Of One Family It Enjoyed A Sold Out Run In Chicago Before Relocating To New York [John Leguizamo] Ë The Works of John Leguizamo: Freak, Spic-o-rama, Mambo Mouth, and Sexaholix [how-to PDF] read Online Ë Where It Won Its Creator A Drama Desk Award Freak, Leguizamo S Broadway Debut, Is His Own Coming Of Age Story A Demi Semi Quasi Pseudo Autobiography, The Show Was A Critical And Commercial Success And Won An Emmy When It Was Shown On TV Sexaholix A Love Story, Based On The Sold Out National Tour Of John Leguizamo Live Was Nominated For An Outer Critics Circle Award As Well As A Tony AwardAlternately Hilarious And Poignant, Always Candid And Searingly Intelligent, The Works Of John Leguizamo Is A Must Have For Fans Of This Inimitable Performer As someone who performs solo shows myself I thought this book was brilliant from both the writing side and the performance side I learned a lot about staged memoir characterization and comedy from this book.
And his personality really shines throughout A really great read Good I wish I could have seen the real show.
¿ The Works of John Leguizamo: Freak, Spic-o-rama, Mambo Mouth, and Sexaholix ß Love his stand up and his one man shows, don t love it in book form Still think it s worth a read for any of his fans.

every time i see Leguizamo i can t help but recall when i watched Freak for the first time i must have been a freshman in high school and i d come home from a friends house to find my mom watching it didn t seem like her kind of thing, so i thought it must be alright i sat down and was transfixed for the next however long while very funny, both my mom and i were crying at the end of the show go figure he s so smart a little sleazy but clever and relevant or at least he was this is just a collection of his work all of which, if we re honest, is just about the same but it s fantastic to have it all in one place it reads pretty well for straight dialogue though i do think it s been adapted and isn t straight script and it s helpful to have it in this format because there s definitely humourous moments you miss watching All John s characters sound so believably messed up He mines the same life story his autobiography in each of these four shows, but comes at it from different angles, somefictionalized than others Latino family ethics gets splayed unadorned all across the operating table, and that s a compelling draw for the Latino community The immature ghetto smartass kid always shines through, though, even as his youth is contextualized by acircumspect adult with pen in hand Sometimes I think that if Eminem had been Spanish, but focused on acting instead of rap rhymes, he would have been like John Legz doesn t want to wallow in or trumpet his own pain like Marshall he s born of stand up comedy so his wounds daddy issues, fear of love, etc are instead springboards to the next punch line chuckle And sometimes to a very poignant moment.
John s been one of my heroes He sure can command a solo s