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Cain at his orisons, Narcissus at his mirror Time is fragmented, space is broken the addict s world is without causes or effects No doubt I shall go on writing, stumbling across tundras of unmeaning, planting words like bloody flags in my wake Loose ends, things unrelated, shifts, nightmare journeys, cities arrived at and left, meetings, desertions, betrayals, all manner of unions, adulteries, triumphs, defeats these are the facts Chaotic memories, spasmodic events, sporadic visions the protagonist knows neither morals nor scruples he obeys no human laws and he serves no rational purpose to his existence there is no rhyme or reason Whatever increase of entropy in the external world, my response was relevant The universe might shrink or expand I would remain aware, a little pocket of coherence in the city of dreadful night Or would I The drug can be treacherous, leading through all the It was this book alone that convinced me that the life playing out between my ears needed release onto paper.

This book wasn t at all what I expected Junkie lit, no matter how good, can t help being formulaic Those Mission Impossible episodes where Barnie play acts the sweat soaked terrors of withdrawal represents one end of the continuum French Connection 2, Panic in Needle Park, Trainspotting, the dirty cottons of William Burroughs oeuvre, and so on, nod off along various parts of this continuum and we know every station of this cross It s part of our folklore I don t know exactly what the junkie is in our folklore literature but I do know he is a very important archetype I say he because though the female of the species exists, she has a different meaning that I haven t quite worked out Girls getting their own are rare in literature, though in real life they are farefficient All this to say that junkie lit has certain elements in it that are as predictable as a Betty and Veron Let s cut through the dread the moral authorities and sensibilities of timid readers which reacted against this book on its publication Yes, horror of horrors, people do have sex, sometimes frequently, and they do take drugs While not wanting to labour the point of the latter or offer any value judgment, I refer you to Trocchi s own polemic That very dread hatred is of dread isthe point than the object of terror When he thinks in terms of kicking he s hooked.
There are degrees of addiction, and the physical part has nothing to do withit The physical bit comes soon and I suppose that then technically you rehooked But with the right drugs you can kick that in a few days The degreesof addiction that matter are psychological, like intellectually how long h I have no memory of reading this book in the past, but it seems that I had read it some years ago Nevertheless, I purchased this copy at the Red Wheelbarrow in Paris last week It s excellent, because the character of Alexander Trocchi is on every page, and he himself is a fascinating figure One could call this a junkie s memoir or journal, but it is muchthan that It s a portrait of a man who is floating between what culture wants him to be, and the refusal of that society There is no plot in this novel, butof a series of commentary on life as it is lived Trocchi is a remarkable writer with great descriptive gifts Amoral in a sense, but on the other hand he sees the world as a place of not allowing pleasures, so, therefore, he drifts between jobs on a boat to investigate an alternative life, that is chosen in a sense, but not clear if it s the right choi A remarkable novel by just about any standard Forget those who say it s about addiction It is not It is rather an honest attempt to place a troubled and rebellious human consciousness into a literary space between the many false value systems offered it by all of the anti existentialist power structures the ethos of the capitalist religion of work, the moralist conformity of marriage, and all of the modern bourgeois and patriotic constructions of place, of nationality, of sexual s, of class and societal roles husband, worker, citizen as well as the various social, state, and religious institutions that legitimize all of our multiform willful slavery to structure and to those who the structures most benefit, in all of its multifarious forms of conformity and acquiescence Our protagonist, Joe Necchi, opts for words, heroin and, primarily, play as models for escape from and the rejec ↠´ Cain's Book ↠´ Alexander Trocchi is without a doubt is one of the most interesting characters in 20th Century literature Almost invisible, yet he was at every scene in the post war years in Europe and America Tight with the Paris Review crowd, The Situationists, the porn group at Olympia, and drug addict galore Cain s Book is such a narrative about a junkie and there have been books on junkie s before, but this one is sort of the iconic original.
The best heroin addiction book that exists, because it is muchthan a heroin addiction book If Junky weren t already a thinkin man s book, I d call this the thinkin man s Junky.
So i don t really know what to say besides, go read it.
Is The Journal Of Joe Necchi, A Junkie Living On A Barge That Plies The Rivers And Bays Of New York Joe S World Is The Half World Of Drugs And Addicts The World Of Furtive Fixes In Sordid Harlem Apartments, Of Police Pursuits Down Deserted Subway Stations Junk For Necchi, However, Is A Tool, Freely Chosen And Fully Justified He Is Cain, The Malcontent, The Profligate, The Rebel Who Lives By No [ Pdf Cain's Book Ù womens-studies PDF ] by Alexander Trocchi ò One S Rules But His Own Like DeQuincey And Baudelaire Before Him, Trocchi S Muse Was Drugs But Unlike His Literary Predecessors, In His Roman A Clef, Trocchi Never Romanticizes The Source Of His Inspiration If The Experience Of Heroin, Of The Fix, Is Central To Cain S Book, Both Its Destructive Force And The Possibilities For Creativity It Creates Are Recognized And Accepted Without Apology I read it like 18 years ago, I liked it but I can t really remember anything except for him for being all alone on the barge, and now and then having sex with various other lonely barge operators.