Ð The Stationery Shop ☆ Download by × Marjan Kamali

I m not a very emotional person I m usually left dry eyed when others are sobbing over books all around me but this novel gutted me in the very best way possible I am wowed by The Stationery Shop.
The story of Roya and Bahman begins when they are teenagers in 1953 in Tehran The two fall in love, meeting in secret at The Stationery Shop They become engaged, although the political upheaval around them and family demands threaten to tear them apart The two decide to marry anyway, but when Roya goes to meet Bahman for their wedding, he doesn t show up The story then moves forward through the 1950s, into 2013 as we trace Roya s life, which has the mystery of Bahman s rejection constantly dangling over it In 2013, they meet again in the United States, where Roya settled The details in this novel are exquisite Kamali has a light Oh my goodness This book Roya lives in Tehran in the 1950s She s a teen brimming with idealism, at a time when it could be dangerous with the political upset in Iran Roya finds peace in Mr Fakhri s book and stationery shop Can you even believe This made this paper and book love over the moon with happiness The store is dusty, warm, and inviting, and Mr Fakhri is kind There are fountain pens, bottles of ink, and special papers Mr Fakhri introduces Roya to his other favorite customer, Bahman, with hopes love will develop Bahman is also an idealist with a yearning for change They are an instant match and continue to visit the shop together A couple months later, Roya and Bahman are to be married, and just before they are supposed to meet, the coup d etat occurs that changes Iran forever And Bahman never shows up Years pass sixty years, in fact, u The Award Winning Author Of Together Tea A Debut Novel Hailed As Compassionate, Funny, And Wise By Jill Davis, Bestselling Author Of Girls Poker Night Comes A Powerful Love Story Exploring Loss, Reconciliation, And The Quirks Of Fate Roya Is A Dreamy, Idealistic Teenager Living InTehran Who, Amidst The Political Upheaval Of The Time, Finds A Literary Oasis In Kindly Mr Fakhri S Neighborhood Book And Stationery Shop She Always Feels Safe In His Dusty Store, Overflowing With Fountain Pens, Shiny Ink Bottles, And Thick Ð The Stationery Shop ☆ Download by × Marjan Kamali Pads Of Soft Writing PaperWhen Mr Fakhri, With A Keen Instinct For A Budding Romance, Introduces Roya To His Other Favorite Customer Handsome Bahman, Who Has A Burning Passion For Justice And A Love For Rumi S Poetry She Loses Her Heart At Once And, As Their Romance Blossoms, The Modest Little Stationery Shop Remains Their Favorite Place In All Of TehranA Few Short Months Later, On The Eve Of Their Marriage, Roya Agrees To Meet Bahman At The Town Square, But Suddenly, Violence Erupts A Result Of The Coup D Etat That Forever Changes Their Country S Future In The Chaos, Bahman Never Shows For Weeks, Roya Tries Desperately To Contact Him, But Her Efforts Are Fruitless With A Sorrowful Heart, She Resigns Herself To Never Seeing Him AgainUntil, Than Sixty Years Later, An Accident Of Fate Leads Her Back To Bahman And Offers Her A Chance To Ask Him The Questions That Have Haunted Her For Than Half A Century Why Did He Leave Where Did He Go How Was He Able To Forget Her The Stationery Shop Is A Beautiful And Timely Exploration Of Devastating Loss, Unbreakable Family Bonds, And The Overwhelming Power Of Love 5 starsMy goodness Another beautiful and enthralling read in a year full of them for me I am going to be brief as the less said the better for potential readers of this wonderful novel.
The Stationery Shop the perfect title for this story is set in two timelines 1953 and 2013 I would estimate, however, that 90% of the story takes place in 1953, including, believe it or not, the epilogue Our protagonist is Roya, a young woman who turns 17 years old in 1953 She meets her first love, Bahman, in a stationery shop run by a kind man eager to nurture young people who come in looking for knowledge Both Roya and Bahman love poetry The 1953 setting is Tehran, Iran, which is in political turmoil The author s research is obvious as we are presented with wha review to follow This is a good book but I would classify itas historical romance, there is little history in this book A high 4 stars The Stationary Shop was an unexpected treat This novel is partly set in Iran in the 1950s and partly set in contemporary US The story focuses on Roya, who is a teenager in the 1950s and in love with Bahman Through politics and family, things don t work out for them, but they meet again in their 70s in the US Roya and her journey are told lovingly A number of characters do terrible things, but no one is terrible life is complicated and people make bad choices It s a story about class, politics, Iran, food and family bonds There s one coincidence that was necessary but a bit irksome But otherwise I loved this story of love, regret and strength and of character Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for an opportunity to read an advance copy.
The Stationery Shop À I decided to read this after reading reading the enthusiastic review from my GR friend, Elyse Unfortunately I didn t respond in the same manner There are parts of it that I really liked and parts that just drove me up the wall I don t know if it s because I am old and cranky but the romance section just dragged out so long I wanted to scream It just went on and on I know many people like that so this could be the book for you I wasinterested in the political situation of Iran in 1953 There was a democratic Prime Minister overthrown by the Shah, backed by the Americans That was fascinating In fact it was that political situation that broke up the young lovers, Roya and Bahman Bahman is a staunch supporter of the Prime The Stationery Shop is a place you will want to visit again and again In this skillfully plotted novel author Marjan Kamali introduces us to the violent upheaval leading up to the fall of Mossadegh in 1953 Iran Against this political unrest we are introduced to a wonderful cast of characters you will immediately bond I would argue fate is also a major character in the novel.
The novel s true beauty lies in its capacity to emotionally move the reader You cannot read this story without feeling something I predict the book will touch a vast majority of readers in a way they did not think a novel capable Due to the fact the story begins in Iran and the American audience has little experience with this setting, the rise of this novel may be slow Word of mouth will play a major role

There is much to like about The Stationary Shop , where we are taken back to the year, 1953 when Mossadegh was the Prime Minister in Iran, during political devastating havoc Many people in Iran loved Mossadegh They believed he was their democratic leader who had the courage to stand up to foreign powers wanting their oil Mossadegh was hope for the many people in Iran who believed in him They felt he was the right man to achieve democracy The anti Mossadegh folks were angry they thought Mossadegh was a communist and many not only wanted to replace him plotting against him for General Zahedi as post coo Prime Minister replacement they wanted Mossadegh dead Demonstrations got ugly and frightening Protesters were shouting Marg Ba Look at love How it tangles With the one fallen in love Look at spirit How if fuses with earth Giving it new life Five lyrical, heart wrenching ripping breaking into pieces, soul shaking, perception changing, revolutionary, magical, eternal love stars The list of the things you need urgently after you finish this book are Rolls of toilet papers, napkins, paper towels, anything helping you out to clean the nasty evidence of your ugly cries Fresh air So you can howl at the moon like a wolf for getting rid of bottled up emotions, anger, frustration Punch bags and gloves Some of the characters on this book will piss you off so much as you remember their name She Who Must Not Be Named , use the punch bags instead of your lovely house walls or glasses A good comedy movie or TV series to binge watch Because you re gotta remember, there are still fu