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By A Terrifying True Story From The Author S Hometown, A Heart Pounding Novel Of Suspense About A Small Minnesota Community Where Nothing Is As Quiet Or As Safe As It SeemsCassie McDowell S Life In S Minnesota Seems Perfectly Wholesome She Lives On A Farm, Loves School, And Has A Crush On The Nicest Boy In Class Yes, There Are Her Parents Strange Parties And Their Parade Of Deviant Guests, [ Pdf Unspeakable Things ☆ art-history PDF ] by Jess Lourey ☆ But She S Grown Accustomed To ThemAll That Changes When Someone Comes Hunting In LilydaleOne By One, Local Boys Go Missing One By One, They Return Changed Violent, Moody, And Withdrawn What Happened To Them Becomes The Stuff Of Shocking Rumors The Accusations Of Who S Responsible Grow Just As Wild, And Dangerous Town Secrets Start To Surface Then Cassie S Own Sister Undergoes The Dark Change If She Is To Survive, Cassie Must Find Her Way In An Adult World Where Every Sin Is Justified, And Only The Truth Is Unforgivable This is one of the best Kindle First books I ve read in a long time The whole time I felt a mixture of disgust and dread, but I didn t want to put it down.
Having grown up in the 80 s, I could relate to some of Cassie s experiences not having enough money to have fancy birthday parties, wearing hand sewn clothes, kids coming up with cruel nicknamesluckily I never had to endure any swinger parties thrown by my parents Cassie is just finishing seventh grade, still a kid, but the inappropriateness of her home life makes her too grown up in some ways and just a kid in others.
Cassie s parents are awful, her dad is someone to be feared, and her mom is the bury your head in the sand type I wanted to throttle both of them, especially her dad He s an artist who doesn t sell any art, the mom basically supports the family wi Must read I read this in one evening with no breaksabsolutely hypnotic story, charming heroine and a perfect ending I loved every word and recommend it to everyone.

I couldn t stop reading this bookand read it in a day Jess Lourey does a great job with murder mysteries I definitely recommend this one.
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