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Read like a High School sports drama Didn t enjoy it at all.
This was a good read Zoey is at work when she meets Ryan He is having trouble using his computer Later she is attacked and the hospital calls him because they find his number Ryan is a good guy and lets her stay with him when he finds out she is living at a shelter Of course while living together they fall in love I loved what a nice guy Ryan was He was happy to wait and take care of her.
S A Professional Hockey Player Trying To Survive On His New Team I M Just Trying To Survive I M Down To My Last Dollar I Live Day To Day In A World That Doesn T Care Despite My Bad Luck, I M A Fighter I Never Give Up I Never Stop Trying Ryan Parker S Wealth And Generosity, Sets Him Apart From Anyone I Know Yet, I Don T Trust Him It S Nothing Personal I Trust No One [Odette Stone] ↠´ Home Game [aliens PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ But When My Bad Luck Takes A Turn For The Worse, One Person Shows Up Ryan Parker I Do Not Understand Why He Bothered Because The Guy Has Enough Of His Own Issues To Deal With But I Don T Have A Choice I Need Him It S A Matter Of Survival His Friendship Changed Everything It Changed Me I Started To Believe In Myself I Allowed Myself To Trust And For The First Time, In A Long Time, I Felt My Heart Beat Again In The Game Of Love, Winning Is Harder Than It Looks I Don T Know The Rules I Don T Know How To Win But I Ll Play My Heart Out Until The Whistle Blows Home Game This was quite a nice hockey romance Hot hockey player befriends young homeless woman They formed a genuine friendship, although there was attraction always underlying the friendship, on both sides I did like the respect that Ryan showed to Zoey He genuinely cared about her, as well as wanting to ahem get into her pants But I got a little tired of all the roadblocks and delays to the relationship It felt a little forced at times I liked that there was some actual hockey in the book, too, and some real interactions between players etc It s annoying when you read a sports romance and there s no actual sport But that wasn t the case here.
This was a 3.
5 star read for me till I got to the epilogue, which was a disappointment, as it seemed to be just a setup for the next book, ↠´ Home Game ↠´ Very good hockey romance.
5 .
Odette Stone is on a winning streak with Home Game, the second book in the Vancouver Wolves Hockey series Hockey star Ryan Parker has been traded to the Vancouver Wolves, where his teammates hate him Zobenia Zoe Petrick is down on her luck The two could just save each other I really love Ryan He has had a difficult time adjusting to his new team because when he was on his previous team, he accidentally hurt Wolves player, Noah Moore It was a clean hit, but not everyone feels that way Ryan s rivalry with Jensen was an interesting aspect in the story Jensen is Noah s best friend and fellow assistant captain Ryan is a remarkable character He is a total boy scout He is giving and kind.
Zoey is an amazing heroine After her parents death, she was put in foster care At age nineteen, she was left to fend for herself Only able to make minimu

Home Game by Odetta Stone This was a fantastic read with great characters Loved how Ryan yelled at the guy who Wouldn t let Zoey in his building Hos face I really felt for Zoey when he Wouldn t let her in I really didn t like Bianca How she treated Zoey I wanted to punch her I didn t like Terence either Loved the ending Looking forward to the next book 5.
Get it here Home Game was a very fun to read sports related hockey book I loved both Ryan and Zoey Their chemistry was push and pull in a slow burn to sizzling hot Zoey has had her share of hard times and down on her luck Their meet greet was so cute and I enjoyed every minute of their interaction And just when things are looking pretty dark for Zoey, Ryan takes over as her Knight in Shining Skates and saves the day There are some really funny lines of dialogue, shopping sprees to IKEA that are such fun to read And everything would have been just perfect if that ending would have been just a chapter longer Needed a littleof the happy ever after good stuff