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Luna has been fascinated by supernatural beings since their existence was revealed just last year when the human girl dated several on that show Hitched When the star Kimmie Jayne shows up at her home saying they are sisters, Luna is star struck as she watched the whole show Kimmie Jayne wants her to attend Darkhen Academy a school for supernaturals as they share the same supernatural father Luna agrees to attend but little did she know she would be running into so many of the former Bachelors that had been courting her older sister The students of Darkhen Academy are broken into 7 groups However, they don t have a human group at the school as she is the first Thankfully Kimmie Jayne s husband s little sister is attending and she will room with the dragon shifters Cinder I would ve give this book a 100 out of 5 This book was utterly amazing After a very long time I found a book I can reread and never stop loving.
I got this book as an ARC for review, but I ll buy this book as soon as I can I can t wait for book 2Let me tell you, if you loved love ACOTAR, you re gonna LOVE this one Rydar is just GORGEOUS BAD BOY DEVIL S SON and you CAN NOT NOT fall in love with him I love Luna and her character She s amazing, finally not just some girl that will go mad or crazy or anything about boy or things that are happening to her Also a huge plus is that Luna is 18 years old.
I just LOVE this book, not words can even describe it Maybe nothing new in the YA genre, but I still enjoyed reading it Magical school with lots of different supernaturals, both students and teatchers what s not to like I actually liked ALL of the characters, even though I thought Luna sometimes acted a bit childish for her age she s 18 Another thing that bothered me a little was all the descriptions of how gorgeous everybody was I get that most supernaturals are good looking, but it gets tiresome to read it repeatedly There are some rather hot kissing scenes in the book It works for me, but might not be for everyone This is also some kind of spin off series from Hitched by the same author, but I haven t read that and I didn t feel that I needed to in order to understand this book I would definitely like to continue reading this series and maybe even Hitched and I appriciate getting an A Darkblood Academy Half Blood is a young adult paranormal series that follows Luna, an eighteen year old girl whose life gets completely turned upside down inways than one when she discovers that she is a half blood member of the supernatural community that recently came out of hiding thanks to reality television I didn t read Hitched by the same author, but I liked the concept of modernizing the idea of hidden supernatural worlds being exposed through a means illustrated using the realities of today s society This story does have supernaturals of all flavors, so I think readers of the paranormal will find at least one character they like, whether it s the dragon shifters, witches, demons, fae, werewolves, sirens, or vampires Aspects of the book reminded me of The Vampire Academy I felt like the horny teenage aspect of this book was a bit overdone also exten I received a free copy for an honest review I love how this series starts off From the prologue, you get hooked into the story Along with some new characters, there are some old friends from Hitched that you get to delve back into The main character, Luna, is amazing I fell in love with her curiosity and bravery She gets thrust into a world she s only ever heard rumors about and she does a great job of trying to stay on her feet But what great story comes without some roadblocks She s faced with new friends, romance, adversity, betrayal, and heartache as she tries to navigate her new world This is a must read and I can t wait for

OMG When I read that this was in the same world as Hitched another series by this author I just could not wait to read it cause Hitched was awesome and you know what So is This Well written we go to Darkhen academy with Luna, and an academy full of witches, shifters, fae and vampires, where the supernatural have come out to the world A fast paced story full of adventure, magic, romance, mystery, hot supernatural guys and tons of action Great characters old and new, I cannot wait for the next book ☆ Half-Blood (Darkblood Academy, #1) ✓ Wow, just wow This was amazing I could not put the book down It was so good to meet some of the known characters from Hitched and find out what they are doing after the show I really like the mix with magic, demons, mean girls and love interest s The forbidden fruit makes it oh so sweet, but my heart lies with the fae prince with the lilac eyes I can t wait to see how mini minx, Luna, is getting full control of her powers and finds a way to get her love.
6 stars I freaking loved this book Some how G.
K Derosa tapped into my head and gave me EVERYTHING I wanted in a paranormal romance Luna was a strong willed, relatable character She was curious of the supernatural community especially after the TV show Hitched aired But little did she know she was going to become a part of that world shortly after the story begins Brought to an Academy that teaches and trains paranormal beings Luna s world is about to be turned upside down I loved the world building in this book And even though this is technically a spin off series, the book can be read by itself I ended up loving this book so much that that I now see Hitched as a fun prequel that adds to the world building in all the best ways I think it might be my favorit A school with almost every supernatural you can think of I loved Darkblood Academy It s definitely one of my new favorites I hated to put it down It was fast paced with tons of adventure, magic, mystery, and romance Luna is a fun character who doesn t break under all the supernatural pressure she s been tossed into The romance between her and this shmexy, off limits guy is just heating up I m so glad to see him in this book I can t wait for the next To Darkblood Oops, I Mean Darkhen Academy There Are Three Rules To Survive The Elite Supernatural SchoolDo Not Talk Or Even Look At The Seven, The Uber Powerful Supes That Rule The Academy Never Go Into The Fae Forest On A Full Moon Or Else And Most Definitely Do Not Fall For One Of The Extremely Hot And Unattainable InstructorsToo Bad I Ve Never Really Been A Rule Follower A Year Ago The Supernaturals Came Out Of The Closet On Primetime TV, And About A Minute Ago [ read Online Half-Blood (Darkblood Academy, #1) ¶ russian-revolution PDF ] by G.
DeRosa ï I Found Out I Was One Of Them Well, A Half Blood Anyway So Here I Am At Darkhen Academy, The Only Human And No Magical Abilities To Speak Of The Only Reason I M Here Is Because Of My Father A Man I Didn T Even Know Existed Until Now He S Crazy Powerful, And They Think I Could Be Too But What Could I Possibly Contribute To An Exclusive Squad Of Dragon Shifters, Fae, Witches, And Vampires I Guess We Re About To Find Out Because The Merging Of The Supernatural And Human Realms Isn T Going As Smoothly As Planned If Word Gets Out That Humans Are No Longer Safe From The Supes, Our Worlds Will Once Again Be Closed Off It S Up To Us To Stop That From Happening