☆ Dark King (Court of the Sea Fae, #1) Ú Download by Ú C.N. Crawford

What an amazing first book to this series I got totally sucked into the story from the very beginning with its fantastic storyline and awesome characters Twists and turns to keep u on the edge of your seat, this fun and thrilling ride is one you do not want to miss Can t wait to read the next book The Dark King was a wickedly good read, I honestly couldn t put it down Aenor is an absolute bad ass and the chemistry between her and Lyr is intoxicating Can t wait for book two Snarky Fae, A Sexy King, And Forbidden Desire Deep As The Sea Once, I Was A Fae Princess With Sea Magic At My Fingertips Now I M A Hunted Supernatural In A Squalid Shop, Stripped Of My Power My Only Comforts Are Stale Cookies, Elvis Records, And My Hula Hoop Until A Lethally Sexy Fae King Arrives And Rips Even Those Away After The Brutal King Throws Me In Prison, I Strike A Bargain With Him My Freedom In Exchange For Helping Him Find ☆ Dark King (Court of the Sea Fae, #1) Ú Download by Ú C.
Crawford A Magic Blade What Lyr Doesn T Know Is That The Blade Might Restore My Stolen Magic But As We Journey, The Gorgeous Jerk Is Starting To Make Me Feel Things I Ve Never Felt When Lyr Touches Me, Desire Ignites I See Raging Passion In His Eyes, Too If I Give In, I Risk Losing My Chance At Reclaiming My Power Even Worse I Could Be Forfeiting My Life Readers Of Amelia Hutchins, Sarah J Maas, Laura Thalassa, And KF Breene Will Love The Sea Fae Series Five Star read This Story Grabbed Me And Wouldn T Let Me Go It Is Amazingly Addictive And The Tension Was Hot Make Sure You Grab It And Check Out Her Other Amazingly Written books Amelia Hutchins, Bestselling Author Of The Fae Chronicles CN Crawford Weaves A Fantastical Fae Story In DARK KING With A Feminist, Anti Heroine You Can Root For, And Suspense And Mystery That Enchants Your Imagination With Magical Worlds, This Is A Must read For Fantasy Lovers You Won T Want To Miss Scarlett Dawn, New York Times Bestselling Author This is the first book from C.
N Crawford that I ve ever read and I can t wait to read someI usually have a list of things I did or didn t really like in a book, but this time I only have one there is a character called Gwydion and creatures called gwyllion The first time I read about the creatures, my mind was going to the character and I really didn t understand what was going on But thats about it really The story was amazing, I really liked that the characters each had their own flaws and I can t wait to readfrom Lyr and Aenor Nice change of paceAnother amazing book This book was hilarious I wasn t expecting the fae knights to use such modern slang but they did and it only made it that much better Aenor is my kind of girl though she is just a tad power hungry I hope there sof Gina in the next book, that girl is funny The romance between Lyr and Aenor wasfaster paced than the usual romances of C.
N Crawford which only makes me think that they re going to have troubles ahead In any case, I look forward toabout them.
5Sexy fae, assassins, interesting world building, and a mystery plot Yes please So in this story we have Aenor, a disgraced fae princess, who has been living amongst humans since good ole Victorian times and is now living with her human friend Gina when two mysterious fae assassins show up at her doorstep to take her out See in this world only a small group of fae are allowed to use their powers in the human realm mostly to hunt down other fae , while anyone one caught using their powers is usually sentenced to death This is a problem for Aenor, because she has a serious sense of justice revenge and has been helping mostly human women escape from danger for decades Often by killing said abusers and killers So I really liked Aenor as a character and I liked that she was strong in the face of so much sexist bull crap This was the thing with men, as my moth ê Dark King (Court of the Sea Fae, #1) é This book wasn t exactly what I was expecting in a good way The author mentioned this wasromance oriented than her other books I leanto less romance, but since I like this author s writing, I went ahead and took a chance Yes, the book hasromance in it, but it does still have an interesting plot about Aenor s past, Lyr s past, Lyr s half brothers, etc There was only one that that bothered me, and it is all my preference nothing to do with the author, and it s that I can t stand when people hide information from each other Drives me bonkers LOL Anyway, this was a great series starter and I look forward to the next book to find outinformation about the bearer of the fruit no spoilers I do recommend this book, and I was provided a complimentary copy.
5 stars It was good and I enjoyed it but something was missing Maybe it was those extra two or five males I need in a book to really enjoy it Big feminist themes and lots of running for your life from fae out to kill you The romance was kept in suspense which was good but I don t think it s an epic love Well written and easy to pick up on the world building if you haven t read any other series by this author Not sure if I ll go back or not yet I did like it but not sure if there s anything to keep me reading or not Time will tell.

Struggling with what to write because I just loved this book It was absolutely superb Writing style is amazing, with the appropriate level of intrigue and mystery that you re on the edge of your seat and can t put it down I made the mistake of starting my journey through this book on my lunch break and almost ended up being late back to work because I completely lost myself in this fantasy world Highly recommend this book and can t wait for I liked Lyr just fine And he s hot look at that cover But I sure hope Salem is on the next cover Why do I always like the baddiethan the designated love interest in the series Ok let s get to the story Aenor is a fae living as a refuge in the human world She s close to her human friend Gina who she rescued from demons a few years ago But fae aren t to live with humans or do magic with them So the fae enforcers are coming after her She shoots and kills Lyr right away He s a death demigod though so it s a bit awkward when he comes back His breath warmed the shell of my ear You killed me The dark power in his voice rushed over my skin With iron Fucking shot me Animal rage imbued his words Whoops So in exchange for Gina being taken care of, Aenor agrees to help Lyr find a magical knife that has her ancestral powers Did I forget to mention that Aenor is a lost princess whose powers were sto