Ì The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering Æ Download by É Norman G. Finkelstein

Indictment Of Those Who Exploit The Tragedy Of The Holocaust For Their Own GainIn An Iconoclastic And Controversial Study, Norman G Finkelstein Moves From An Interrogation Of The Place The Holocaust Has Come To Occupy In American Culture To A Disturbing Examination Of Recent Holocaust Compensation Agreements It Was Not Until The Arab Israeli War Of , When Israel S Evident Strength Brought It Into Line With US Foreign Policy, That Memory Of The Holocaust Began To Acquire The Exceptional Ì The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering Æ Download by É Norman G.
Finkelstein Prominence It Enjoys Today Leaders Of America S Jewish Community Were Delighted That Israel Was Now Deemed A Major Strategic Asset And, Finkelstein Contends, Exploited The Holocaust To Enhance This Newfound Status Their Subsequent Interpretations Of The Tragedy Are Often At Variance With Actual Historical Events And Are Employed To Deflect Any Criticism Of Israel And Its Supporters Recalling Holocaust Fraudsters Such As Jerzy Kosinski And Binjamin Wilkomirski, As Well As The Demagogic Constructions Of Writers Like Daniel Goldhagen, Finkelstein Contends That The Main Danger Posed To The Memory Of Nazism S Victims Comes Not From The Distortions Of Holocaust Deniers But From Prominent, Self Proclaimed Guardians Of Holocaust Memory Drawing On A Wealth Of Untapped Sources, He Exposes The Double Shakedown Of European Countries As Well As Legitimate Jewish Claimants, And Concludes That The Holocaust Industry Has Become An Outright Extortion Racket Thoroughly Researched And Closely Argued, The Holocaust Industry Is All The Disturbing And Powerful Because The Issues It Deals With Are So Rarely DiscussedIn A Devastating New Postscript To This Best Selling Book, Norman G Finkelstein Documents The Holocaust Industry S Scandalous Cover Up Of The Blackmail Of Swiss Banks, And In A New Appendix Demolishes An Influential Apologia For The Holocaust Industry Norman Finkelstein is the son of two Holocaust survivors He is vocal against Israel s crimes against Palestinians, and is strongly opposed to using one of the worst tragedies in history to justify genocide His willingness to speak the truth without mitigation has put him in many difficult situations even leading him to lose his job as a university professor The Holocaust Industry, however, deals with a different subject In it, Finkelstein discusses how the nazi holocaust was used to service the greed of individuals and organisations with their own private agendas It s an intense read to say the least Finkelstein does not hold back Because of what his parents went through, particularly his mother, he takes this subject very personally He s not wrong to do so.
The term Holo Uncomfortable Reading Has anyone read Binjamin Wilkomirski s Fragments Or The Painted Bird by Jerzy Kosinski Did you like those books Did you find yourself affected by either of them Perhaps they re on your favourite book shelf right now If any of the above is true for you, then I would advise you pick this book up The validity of these authors and their work is the tip of the iceberg in whatThe Holocaust Industry targets within its conseicse 171 pages.
I ve been listening to Finkelsteins strict analysis of Israeli policy for a few years now However, this is my first outing with the Professors written work It s not a random choice that I picked out this essay first he s written a fair few This book caused a riot when first released, and still the repercussions of it s cri Norman Finkelstein is a phenomenon.
He enrages people but he never speaks falsehoods Backing up his words with copious footnotes referencing the facts upon which he makes his statements, he marches like Sherman through Georgia, laying low everything in his path All dissemblers must flee before him because there is no rebuttal to the truth.
He is the same in his public appearances, citing the works of the person he debates to turn that person s own words back upon him.
This logical, relentless, driving method is much needed in the area where he is an expert the terrible hypocrisy that is Israel.
Being Jewish, with parents who were subject to the Holocaust and whose other relatives died in it, no one can say the man has no standing The Holocaust Industry By Dr Norman G Finkelstein ll divide my review into sections so you can skip what you don t want to read in this review a About the writer the first time I heard about Norman was 6 moth ago I was watching a clip where he was arguing a point with TV program host who had the same opinion as me after watching the clip I was amazed and fascinated with the compelling argument of Dr Finkelstein and this rarely happen with me as I reach my conclusion and opinion based on careful study Dr.
Finkelstein is an amazing researcher and well trained political scientist He has an admirable sense of justice and moral value His parents were holocaust survivors the rest of his families were not as fortunate and none of them survived b About the book 1 Research and referencing this where Norman truly shine I spent reading When you start a book like this, you sort of go, Jeeze, I almost hope I don t like it, because you know if you do, you re going to have to explain yourself And, confound it, I liked it.
I want to conflate a couple of the points from the letters section of this book with an anecdote of my own In 2005, while I was living in China, the whole of China became incensed at yet another inaccurate history textbook published in Japan The text described the Nanjing Massacre a.
a The Rape of Nanking as The Nanjing Incident In response, the Chinese government mobilized college students They took to the streets, chucked bottles at the Japanese embassy, and called for a worldwide boycott of Japanese goods Around the same time, I d attempted to set up an informa î The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering Î .
Wow, what a book I had this book for a few months and, after seeing the author on a documentary about the Holocaust, bumped the book to the top of my To read pile.
This work discusses the Nazi holocaust the historical event and how the Holocaust capital H was created after Arab Israeli War in 1967 Finkelstein describes how organizations representing victims of Nazi brutality use tactics similar to those the Nazis used to get money from businesses, countries, and other groups that have any connection to Nazi Germany.
I don t think a Gentile could have written this book without having a death warrant placed on him While I try to keep an open mind about anything and might not believe everything Finkelstein used as examples Unlike the precision of research that his characteristic of Norman Finkelstein when it comes to the issue of the Israel Palestine conflict, The Holocaust Industry is a disorganized and ultimately spotty work of political science Finkelstein s aim is to present an anatomy and an indictment of the Holocaust industry, meaning the subsequent exploitation of the historical tragedy that was the Holocaust for political and financial ends The book is composed of three basic sections, Capitalizing the Holocaust, Hoaxers, Huxters, and History, and The Double Shakedown Chapter one deals with the evolution of American awareness of the Holocaust as an event throughout the course of the post war era In it, Finkelstein alleges that the Holocaust was basically not discussed in America prior to the June 67 war in Israel The majority of his arguments h