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Loved it Perfect ending Mahayoddha Kalki Sword of Shiva is finally out in the market and I must say this was the least spoken about Kalki series book When I heard about the first book of the series, it was everywhere and truly it was the biggest breakthrough of the year But this book being the ending book of the Kalki series meant a lotcareful reading for it was a make or break moment for the whole journey Spanning the three years that have passed since the first book and the last book, I have completed reading the Game of Thrones, watching The Godfather and even binge watched and read some books and films that Kevin mentioned in our interview And a striking fact came across me, that the whole series is full of exaggerated and differently presented scenes of some other production Ther The BookThis Is The Beginning Of The End Kalki Hari Arrives At Indrani To Find Out That His Brother Has Been Taken Prisoner, His Beloved Is About To Be Butchered, And The City Is Embroiled In A Ghastly War With The Naga Queen And Dakshini King Armed With A Mighty Sword Forged By A God, He Fights To Take The City Back From His Nemesis, The Evil Kali But The Avatar Of Vishnu Is At A Crossroads It Is His Destiny To Fight The Download Epub Format ☆ Mahayoddha Kalki (Book 3) PDF by ¶ Kevin Missal Last Battle With Adharm And Obliterate Evil From This World However, He Has Stumbled Upon A Terrible Truth Over The Course Of His Journey A Truth That May Change Everything Will Kalki Be Able To Win Against Adharm And Fulfil His Destiny Or Will The World Lose Its Greatest Hero And Head Towards Destruction Find Out In The Explosive Last Book Of The Kalki TrilogyReviewA Young Fantastical Fictioneer The HinduAbout The AuthorKevin Missal Wrote His First Book At The Age Of , And At , The St Stephens Graduate Is Bestselling Author And A Full Time Writer, With The First Two books In His Kalki Trilogy Being Runaway Successes Dharmayoddha Kalki Avatar Of Vishnu And Its Sequel Satyayoddha Kalki Eye Of Brahma Have Sold One Lakh Copies In Under A Year Kevin Loves Reading Fantasy Fiction And Has Always Been A Fan Of Mythology His books Have Featured In Newspapers Such As The Sunday Guardian, The New Indian Express, And Millennium Post He Lives In Gurugram And Can Be Contacted At Kevinsmissal Gmail The reading experience was surreal, what s , when the novel finished, you feel good but also a little unhappy as you have to move on The final book of the Kalki trilogy tells the tale of the political and human controls within the build up to the unfathomable war A great deal of action is seeded when contrasted with the previous books of the series Kalki has now matured and learns to reap the full benefits of an avatar.
The characterisation is by and by fabulous, with none of the characters turning out like overwhelming saints that can t be blamed under any circumstance They all bring something to the story and are quite realistic in their mannerisms and charms I additionally like that the love and romance in the book don t The Adharm was dead And the Dharm was crying for him Kalki continues his journey towards the Mahendragiri mountains to reach the previous Avatar and train under him Meanwhile, in Illavarti, the politics and betrayal for the throne is at its height It is the journey of Dharm and Adharm,how they recognise themselves and come to terms with the consequences of their actions.
I ll keep this one short as its the last part and anything I say about the plot or the characters will be a spoiler I re read the first two parts before starting this one and surely it was a wise move It helped me understand the characters and their motives better Again, the characters were the life of this book where none of them were black or white Was waiting for this book since a long time, after reading the first two books of the series, I was really excited to know how this story will end And, the different twists that keep coming in the story really keeps the reader s interest intact Manasa character was my favourite in the story The war strategies that she adopts and the way she fights is amazing.
The last confrontation between Dharma and Adharma is equally amazing It was a great fantasy series that comes to an end with this book, and I have totally loved the journey of Kalki, Kali, Arjan I enjoyed my time reading this book ä Mahayoddha Kalki (Book 3) ✓ The entire book was beautiful and a wonderful end to the trilogy, as well as the best book in the trilogy The channelling with the past by one of the characters was of no much use as shown in the ending parts of the book I loved the Kali vs Kalki part near the end I could see the visuals as I read those moments Very well put.

The third and the final book of the Kalki trilogy Mahayoddha Kalki Sword of Shiva by Kevin Missal is an amazing read A tale of love, friendship, adventure, blended with Mythology and philosophy a journey that started in the first book, Dharmayoddha Kalki, continued through the second book, Satyayoddha Kalki, finally concludes in the third book, Mahayoddha Kalki.
I have been an ardent fan of the series from the time when I read the first book And was really eager and excited about this final one.
The story begins with Kalki Hari arriving at the city of Indragarh to find out that his brother, Arjan has been taken prisoner, his beloved is about to be executed, and the City is embroiled in a horrifying war with the Naga queen and Dakshini king Armed with a mighty sword forged by a God, he fights to take the I would love to give 5 stars from the bottom of my heart except my brain doesn t want to.
The story was exceptionally good There were few characters like shuko, devadutta etc which were my favourites The only thing that really pisses me off is there is no mention of the Eye of Brahma There is only a couple of mentions in third installment of the series If you have a weapon which can see the past present and the future, you know, as a writer, you can create and put forward some ground breaking plots related to it So, it is actually disappointing to never witness anything as such at all