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This is Berkley s first sapphic romance and on one hand yay Berkley But on the other hand what the heck Berkley it s 2020 If Something to Talk About is any indicator of what s to come, then I am really excited to see what comes next from the publisher the charactersI knew going in that this book would have a f f romance, but I was happily surprised by the other little bits of diversity sprinkled in Emma is Jewish, and Jo is Chinese American I was reasonably attached to out main couple although I never felt completely invested in Jo particularly the writingThis book was excellently written, and I would never have picked it for debut The writing style wasn t overly flowery or too robotic, but a nice medium ground between the two the romance while this book is a romance, don t go into it expecting romantic scenes every two pages Something to Talk About Within a chapter or two I knew that I loved the writing The smart and crisp style was what made it such an easy read for me, but the banter was what had me smiling and chuckling It didn t hurt that I was easily captivated and enchanted, thanks to an original plot, and lots of wonderful characters.
Here are the few things you should know about Something to Talk About The novel is the epitome of a SLOW BURN romance comparable to Mariana Zapata.
The story is fabulously romantic, sweet, and has lots of tension between the two main characters.
Something to Talk About is full of amazing female characters.
And it doesn t read at all like debut novel.
AND it s set in and about Hollywood enough said.
I adored the book, and read it in just two sittings I wasn t even bothered by the back and forth, and the missed opportunities, because it felt right, especially in context with Ho Showrunner And Her Assistant Give The World Something to Talk About When They Accidentally Fuel A Ridiculous Rumor In This Debut RomanceHollywood Powerhouse Jo Is Photographed Making Her Assistant Emma Laugh On The Red Carpet, And Just Like That, The Tabloids Declare Them A Couple The So Called Scandal Couldn T Come At A Worse Time Threatening Emma S Promotion And Jo S New MovieAs The Gossip Spreads, It Starts To Affect [ Pdf Something to Talk About Õ turkish-literature PDF ] by Meryl Wilsner à All Areas Of Their Lives Paparazzi Are Following Them Outside The Office, Coworkers Are Treating Them Differently, And A Source Is Feeding Information To The Media But Their Only Comment Is No CommentWith The Launch Of Jo S Film Project Fast Approaching, The Two Women Begin To Spend Even Time Together, Getting Along Famously Emma Seems To Have A Sixth Sense For Knowing What Jo Needs And Jo, Known For Being Aloof And Outwardly Cold, Opens Up To Emma In A Way Neither Of Them Expects They Begin To Realize The Rumor Might Not Be So Off Base After Allbut Is Acting On The Spark Between Them Worth Fanning The Gossip Flames 3.
75 Stars This was a sweet and enjoyable read By accident I seemed to have gotten into a roll of debut reads This is my third debut in a row and not only is this Wilsner s debut book, but this is also Berkley s WLW romance debut I love seeing lesfic in mainstream so I hope this is just the first of many WLW books to come for Berkley.
When I heard that not only was this a Hollywood romance but that one of our mains was an ice queen too, I could not wait to read this That is pretty much a perfect combo in my mind and I was instantly hooked into this story Jo Jones is a Hollywood powerhouse, think Shonda Rhimes meets Miranda Priestly And Emma is her personal assistant who keeps her grounded After a picture taken of them on the red carpet looks anything but innocent, rumors of their affair abound While having to ↠´ Something to Talk About ä 4 stars Something to Talk About is Meryl Wilsner s debut novel, and I really enjoyed it But reader beware, this one starts out slow So slow, in fact, that I almost gave up on it I m so happy I didn t I ended up loving so much about this story and I love a good slow burn romance Emma is the assistant to Jo Jones Yes, that Jo Jo has been in Hollywood for decades Starting off as a child actor, then moving on to other behind the scenes things such as writing Jo takes Emma to an awards show to run interference on some questions she doesn t want answered and the two get caught on camera smiling and laughing The picture is innocent, but it starts a huge rumor about Jo dating her much younger assistant Now, there is this tension vibrating between them They slowly start to both realize they have feelings for eac Welp, I am bummed as heck I was SO excited for this book because it is Berkley s first F F title, but I gotta be honest nothing happened in this book It started out fun enough, but the pacing was sooooooo slooooooow and the characters had little to no sexual OR romantic chemistry and this just.
let me down in a big way It wasn t tHe WoRsT thing I ve ever read hence the 3 star rating and not anything lower , but it was just especially disappointing because I had such high hopes for this one I am big sad Womp.
ITS HERE ITS HERE ITS HERRRREEEAND ITS NARRATED BY JORJEANA MARIE Just requested the audio from my library I m honestly not sure how I ll end up enjoying this I don t read lesbian romances that often so this is relatively new territory COVER COVER COVER omg, Berkley s first lesbian romance This is really Something to Talk Aboutsorry i had to Goodreads Blog Pinterest LinkedIn YouTube Instagram

I mean, it s about time Berkley got gay.
Edit there s a cover now.
and it s one of those over stylized cartoons lol on the 6th day of december my true love gave to meeeeeGAY RIGHTS HAPPY PUBLICATION DAY TO MERYL WILSNER AND Something to Talk About Medieval A Thon Book 5 Going for my bow and arrow with this upcoming romance release from Berkley books Earlier I HAVE BEEN BLESSED Thank you so much, Berkley books, for my ARC You are always so good to me I have been excited about this one for a while original Berkley s FIRST QUEER FEMALE ROMANCE Too far Yeah, I probably went too far on that, but I am beyond for this one.
I ve been loving Berkley Romance lately.
They re crushing it.