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This book is a very interesting book where Peter J Carroll theorizes about the universe I felt it was worth reading and the idea that most stood out to me is hypersphere universe and alternative to Big Bang theory, which has the obvious flaw of not knowing what happened before the Big Bang He talks about red blue shift for example, one of the proofs for expansion of the universe I find this kind of stuff fascinating.
From Vorticitating Hyperspheres to the lifeforce of rocks, this book s a brain opener Don t ask me what it all means though.
Intends To Attack Most Of The Great Questions Of Being, Freewill, Consciousness, Meaning, The Nature Of Mind, And Humanity S Place In The Cosmos, From A Magical Perspective This Book Contains Something To Offend Everyone Enough Science To Upset The Magicians, Enough Magic To Upset The Scientists, And Enough Blasphemy To Upset Trancendentalists Full [Peter J.
Carroll] È The Apophenion: a chaos magick paradigm [coming-of-age PDF] Ebook Epub Download È Description Finished this one in three days, just couldn t put it down for too long The concepts are brought to the reader very easily, it s only near the end that things get complicated for me with the equations Throughout the book I found synchronicity with my own thoughts and the chapter I had not started yet Easy to read 3 4 of the way, up until the point that it isn t.
This is something else.
not only is Pope Pete one of the foremost proponents of Chaos Magic, he is a theoretical physicist of the highest ordermaybe one of the most important thinkers in recent historyI really hope that future man will recognize Carroll for the mental giant that he is, and you should by reading this book.
Just leave your mental baggage at the door and read it with an open mind No, you don t have to start casting spells, either.
Brilliant, but as far as I can tell it seemed short of actionable steps Perhaps once I ve read other works I can come back to this with fresh eyes Î The Apophenion: a chaos magick paradigm ☆ Peter J Carroll is one of a small handful of people whom I can confidently say gets it they are enlightened or have certainly glimpsed what lies beyond all dimensions, turned around, and seen our reality all of it and figured it out The hardest thing about coming back is that you re inevitably forced back into this narrow fleshy shell and have the perspective that goes with it So you re stuck using your words to try to explain and explore the inexpressible Carroll has, fortunately, a brilliant mind, and is a clear thinker This comes across most excellently in this tiny volume It is an invitation to the Mad Hatter s tea party, an invitation to throw caution to the wind, let your mind toy with some of the most fundamental assumptions you had had up until t An excellent book Thought provoking and shocking But I would not feel comfortable repeating anything in it to someone without doing an awful lot of additional background reading on quantum physics, religion, magic, mathematics, psychology, and a host of related topics With that said, I recommend it read this book and dare to imagine wildly out of your comfortable bubble Even if only to shake up whatever belief, philosophy, or perspective, has lodged inside your mind as true and correct.

Apophenia is the seeing of connection between event that others fail to see In this small but intense book Peter J.
Carrol one of Chaos Magick s supreme mages gives forth to the reader a philosophy that is much different then that offered by any other other magical system It is totally non theistic in it s own way, challenges assumptions and throws in a whole bunch of science Chaos philosophy views magic as a technique and regards religion as important only so far as it helps the practitioner reach their goal.
Pan psychism is the author s philosophy It is a philosophy which tackle first the concept of identity Things like stones, physical matter and ourselves are not this mass of inert matter Rather we are doing constantly In a state of action The atoms and molecule that comprise the stone or human are in constant motion So are we To stop doing m 4.
5 starsThis is honestly a great book It has a good approach to the subject and personally I loved that fact that there was a scientific approach to it, ranging from popular science to actual equations for those who want to go a bit deeper Also, even if you are a beginner or someone with an experienced background in both science and or occult, this book offers some great food for thought.
I give it 4,5 start, simply because of the chapter about Invoking Apophenia , because it kinda killed the serious mood of the book and it tipped off the balance a bit to the wiccan side for a moment.