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I am sure that I read the first book and I m almost certain that I enjoyed it I m sure there was a time in my life that Connie Briscoe was one of my favorite authors However, I didn t find this particular book very engaging Some of the dialogue was unrealistic and even the characters internal dialogues were wooden and not real enough for my tastes There were few surprises in the storyline It was very predictable and overall the book was just okay I had to almost force myself to finish it Perhaps it s not the author s style that has changed but my taste in literature.
It s nice to follow up on the three sisters from Sisters and Lovers, and I found the sequel evenengaging than the original Still, the relationships in this book are problematic, and I m not sure whether the author knows so, or whether the end is intended as happily ever after Kevin and Evelyn growing apart gives Evelyn the needed room for developing independence This independence is a theme in a number of Briscoe s books, and it s one of the reasons I read her over and over again But this particular deployment is unconvincing Kevin s actions and transformation are so confusing that Evelyn s independence seems contrived As for Charmaine, she and Tyrone never demonstrate an ability to talk about how to set boundaries with Tyrone s daughter, and the armistice between his daughter and Charmaine at the very Sisters and HusbandsPLOT Ten years later from the first novel Sisters and Lovers , Beverly has FINALLY found the love of her life, Julian Now after three previous engagements, she s ready to walk down the aisle Or is she Even though she has the perfect man in her life how can she ignore all the signs going on around her that even the most stable marriage she holds to the highest standard is falling apart Her oldest sister Evelyn and her husband have separated Her other sister Charlene is on husband number 4 and they re having issues about how to parent his daughter And then there s an issue of infidelity with her best friend Valerie MY THOUGHTS Beverly I m glad this didn t end how I thought it was gonna end with its beginning I liked Julian for Beverly I liked that he was a geek and into animation and graphics I thought Three sister and three relationships Years have passed since we met these sisters in Sisters and Lovers How have they grown, how have their relationships grown with each other and with the men in their life I enjoyed this much better than the book before.
Years Have Passed Since Sisters And Lovers, And Beverly, Now , Is Engaged To Julian, A Man Her Family And Friends Agree Is The Epitome Of A Great Catch He S Gorgeous, Loyal, Trustworthy, Successful, And Very Much In Love With Her Since This Is Beverly S Third Engagement In The Past Five Years, After Breaking Off The Previous Two At The Last Moment, Everyone S Happy That She S Finally Settling Down [ Pdf Sisters & Husbands à folk-tales PDF ] by Connie Briscoe à For Beverly And Julian, Nothing Could Be Better Than Being In Love And Planning Their Wedding That Is Until Beverly S Oldest Sister S Marriage Falls Apart And Dampens The Mood Of What Should Have Been The Happiest Time In Beverly S Life Now, Second Guessing Her Impending Nuptials, Beverly Is Forced To Wonder If Marriage Really Works Will She Stick It Out Or Will Her Fears Cloud Her Judgment Once Again

Beverly is engaged to be married to Julian Will she go through with the ceremony or run away like she did twice before After three divorces, Charmaine is married again and this time she s determined to make it work But there are problems that come along with blended families Will she and her husband, Tyrone, ever be able to see eye to eye when it comes to the stepchildren Evelyn has been with her husband, Kevin, nearly twenty five years and even though the relationship hasn t been at its best for some time, she d like to remain married Will the marriage stay together or will they end up in divorce court Witnessing Charmaine and Evelyn s marital problems made Beverly thinkseriously about the choice she was about to make and the thought of marriage began to frighten her Beverly was focusing too much on other people s ↠´ Sisters & Husbands ↠´ IQ So she moved the line between what s acceptable and what isn t, Evelyn said Or erased it altogether, Beverly added 87 The non English major in me is resurfacing and the one who barely attention to Language Arts classes in middle school because I think there s a term to describe what I m about to say but I have no idea what it is This book reads as though the author wrote chapters at random and then forgot to delete the repetitive parts when she put it all together And since I read two Briscoe books back to back it was a pattern I was able to pick up on Additionally, when she wasn t repeating story background information, she was having her characters constantly repeat said information The statistic about Black coupl Sisters Husbands is the long awaited sequel to Connie Briscoe s first novel, Sister s Lovers, which was publishedthan 10 years ago This story about Evelyn, Charmaine, and Beverly three very close sisters, focuses on the month leading up to Beverly s wedding.
In her late 30s, this is Beverly s third engagement, so everyone is watching for signs of cold feet But Beverly is not concerned Julian is the most wonderful man she has ever been with, considerate, caring, sexy and with a great career that he loves However, she starts to question the entire institution of marriage and lifetime monogamy when cracks begin to show in both of sisters marriages, especially thethan 20 year union of Evelyn and her seemingly fabulous husband Kevin The story is filled with situations of life in the twenty first century, balanc Sisters and Husbands chronicles a month in the life of the Jordan sisters Evelyn, Charmaine, and Beverly A month that just happens to be the four weeks preceding Beverly s wedding The eldest Jordan sisters are married, Evelyn forthan 20 years and Charmaine is a newlywed but not new to marriage, this is her fourth husband.
The story could be a very good one I believe, but all I came away with was total irritation, particularly with our main character Beverly Although there is an ensemble cast of sorts, the main character would be Beverly this is her story She is insecure and while this is her first marriage, Beverly is no stranger to being engaged this is her third engagement.
Briscoe does a good job of interweaving the three stories, and I won t go into detail so as not to spoil it for a Sisters Husbands by Connie Briscoe is the sequel to Sisters Lovers, which I read a very long time ago Some things came back to me but unlike Midnight and The Coldest Winter Ever by Sister Souljah, I did not feel the need to go pull down the first book Sisters Husbands was strong enough to stand on it s own without the prior history.
The book picks up with younger sister Beverly preparing for her marriage Beverly, who has a history of getting cold feet, has already called off two weddings, and just when she thinks the third time will be the charm, all hell breaks loose causing her to wonder how realistic is it to have a successful marriage.
Although nothing in life is guaranteed, Ms Briscoe does cause us to pause and look at marriage from a different perspective It takes hard work and total committment from both parties,