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Angeles Is Under Siege A Fatal Bacteria Is Spreading Out Of Control No Drug Known To Modern Medicine Can Stop It A Genetically Engineered Antibiotic That Could Be Mankind S Only Prayer A Phantom Drug That May Not Even Exist The Last Hope For Respected Surgeon Marcus Ford, Whose Thirteen Year Old Daughter Lies Deathly Ill A Relentlessly Suspenseful Medical Thriller That Has Already Begun To Come [Patrick Lynch] ¾ Omega [american-civil-war PDF] read Online Þ True Omega is a medical thriller and like most medical thrillers there is a lot of medical jargon It uses words like sternocleidomastoid and cricothyroidotomy and I have no idea what they mean But that doesn t matter You can always understand the context well enough Some of the terms and procedures are even explained for you right in the text which I found rather interesting Marcus Ford turns into a bit of a tragic figure When things start to go wrong for him they go wrong in a big way You feel bad for him as he gets blamed for things that are beyond his control and his whole world seems to be falling apart and you want things to turn around for him but you know that they won t and you wait with anticipation for the next horrible tragedy You can understand his disbelief, outrage and helplessness as people die and no one will listen to him or let him Exciting, plausible, maybe a bit dated though, on the potential disaster antibiotic misuse could cause Mostly excellent plot, maybe too many people and companies to follow Motivations of the antagonists unclear, strange, at the least, not what I expected Protagonist well developed, sympathetic Overall, very good.
I liked the story line here, and it was pretty intriguing I would like to read this author again, although the medical jargon is pretty technical.
½ Omega ☆ Recently I ve re read this book and reminded myself why I gave it a 2 star rating It s not that it was horrible, but it wasn t necessarily good either My first issue, which becomes evident within only the first pages of the book, was the dullness within the characters who make up a great component of a book They were weak and underdeveloped, and I feel as though they were the exaggerated personifications of known stereotypes the thugs, the misunderstood teen daughter, the successful and unsatisfied single parent with emotional damagewell, that last one might just pertain to meAlthough the book had an exceptional concept to work with and plenty of opportunity to surround the core idea with beautiful, thrilling scenes, that is not what you receive It has its few thrilling moments, but these moments are quickly eradicated by boring prose In the end, it wa A medical thriller potboiler perfect for the beach, containing all the time honoured components of the genre Although it was predictable, I didn t mind, as it s always interesting to see how the author executes this The male lead character was a bit over the top in his impetuous behaviour and naivete.
This book sounded so promising People fall ill with drug resistant bacteria and Dr Marcus Ford, an ER doctor who recently spoke at a conference on the very topic, tries to track down a cure The book didn t live up to the description on the back, because it ends up beingabout people being murdered for hiding the secret to this cure than anything else The infections actually seemed forgotten by the end of the book except for the one that affects Ford s own daughter Ford himself gets blamed for the infections when many occur at the hospital where he leads the Trauma program, and Dr Patou, the hospital s Infection Control director seems like she ll be a thorn in Ford s side throughout the book, as the two don t see eye to eye on these infections, but even Patou barely gets a mention in the late chapters.
It was fine to read and there was a little bit of drama I read this book when I was in 7th grade I remember seeing the cover and thinking, Man I want to read about a killer virus I loved Outbreak It s an okay read with some thrills here and there, but I remember this good being a very important book for me It was the first time I put down a book and realized, Man that just wasn t very good It has little to no payoff, weak characters, and it never engaged me I d avoid it.
Bogens problemer er meget realistiske og stadig meget t t p sandheden om de multiresistente bakterier som mere og mere dukker op i st rre skala her efter bogens udgivelse, 20 r senere.
Super god bog Alarmerende.
The premise was interesting and could have turned into a good story However, I never did bond with the protagonist In fact, I liked him less and less as the story went on By the end, I actively disliked him Characters were flat, undifferentiated, and unlikable Everything about firearms was factually incorrect and borderline stupid so I wondered about the medical material as well.