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This is of a ramble then a review, so bare with me.
After reading this book, my emotions were kinda everywhere at once.
There are a lot of different ways that people grieve when they loss someone they love.
Lennie unconsciously and purposely explores her sexuality with not one but two guys in her life Joe is the new boy in town, talented musician and all around swoon worthy while Toby just happens to be her sister boyfriend There is a very fine line to right and wrong that Lennie is treading on and at first I was pretty tossed up about it On one hand, to turn to someone for comfort, to feel mad hot kisses and hands exploring, getting lost in the sensation of lust and need, to feel alive, it s actually pretty realistic and normal way to deal with lost I just didn t expect to find this method in a YA book with a character who hasn t really began to experience with it to beg Jandy Nelson has a way with telling stories They all come out like works of art than books Reading them is an experience of it s own, like dancing, but instead of your hands being on hips, they re on the cover of a book When I die,tell me a funky storyjust like this oneI can t help but love Found on a message board, GoodReads, online The way The Sky Is Everywhere connects death with becoming yourself and falling in love is beautiful All of the characters are crazy They feel like they re all telling their own stories, until they all become parallel and then crash together And as always, I fell for the wordsEver been in love I don t holler, Yes, right now, with you, stupid, like I suddenly want to, but say, No, I ve never been anything After Her Sister Bailey S Sudden Death, Lennie Finds Herself Torn Between Quiet, Seductive Toby Bailey S Boyfriend Who Shares Her Grief And Joe, The New Boy In Town Who Bursts With Life And Musical Genius Each Offers Lennie Something She Desperately Needs Though She Knows If The Two Of Them Collide Her Whole World Will ExplodeJoin Lennie On This Heartbreaking And Hilarious Journey Of Profound Sorrow And Mad Love, As She Makes Colossal Mistakes And Colossal Discoveries, As She Traipses Through [Jandy Nelson] ☆ The Sky Is Everywhere [womens-studies PDF] read Online ð Band Rooms And Forest Bedrooms And Ultimately Right Into Your HeartAs Much A Celebration Of Love As A Poignant Portrait Of Loss, Lennie S Struggle To Sort Her Own Melody Out Of The Noise Around Her Is Always Honest, Often Uproarious, And Absolutely Unforgettable After reading I ll Give You The Sun , I was ready to read anything by Jandy Nelson Once again the main character was an artist and going through grief That part I loved I didn t care as much for the romance love triangle but if someone usually likes YA Contemporary romance you should absolutely give this book a shot Overall I think it was impossible for this book to be as good as her other one but I overall enjoyed it 3.
5 Ý The Sky Is Everywhere Ý when you read a story centred around the loss of someone, its expected to be an emotional and somewhat melancholy experience but the best books that deal with loss also make you wish for hope and feel uplifted and thats exactly what this story did.
i will always praise jandy nelsons writing there is something so lyrical and poetic about it that shapes even the most mundane words into thoughts of beauty and i think that was an asset to this story she perfectly described the difficult nature of grief and the often confusing moments people go through in it i thought this book explored how lennie handled her grief very realistically and i couldnt help but feel invested in her and the other characters this was a very touching s My Life is really happy with me for having finally read this beautiful novel P.
S I quit writing.
I have never cried over a book before Never This was one of the best books I ve ever read, than five stars It was incredible, heartbreaking, so amazingly weird read it everyone, this book is a gift from god A true blessing Love.
I love joe Such a beautiful boy So different, so weird I love the way he looks at her on her first day back in school, I love his name, I love that he s from Paris I love Toby So sweet and also, beautiful, he does not measure up to joe though, oh joe, I think I m in love Grandma Seems like best grandma in the world And her flowers, I really want to smell her flowers She somewhat reminds me of my own grandma, just the flower part though, nothing else John Lennon She has the most beautiful name I want to name my future kid Lennon, then call them Lennie I don t care if it s a boy or a girl I ll

The Sky Is Everywhere is undoubtedly a beautifully written book Its emotional prose and the story itself will resonate with many female readers You have grief here, the main character s journey to live with it, her inability to sort out her feeling for two guys her dead sister s fiancee, who understands and shares her feelings perfectly, and a new boy in town, whose sheer presence makes her forget her pain A generous amount of passion will entice many too But for me it never quite worked.
It s not anything major, just small irritants here and there The characters are a little too sophisticated for their age too articulate, too obsessed with reading Wuthering Heights, playing La Vie En Rose and being hip, emo and literate the There s something about Jandy Nelson s writing I can name dozens of incredible writers off the top of my head, but Jandy Nelson is not only talented she is original She uses original figures of style and moves you in ways you didn t expect.
Granted, you must be patient when you read her books, because she is the type to use words than necessary in any given context She loves describing scenes, characters and especially feelings, making The Sky Is Everywhere so very lyrical.
Normally, I don t welcome love triangles in my reads Often, they are quite annoying and lead to cheating, which I despise But Lennie went through so much she lost her sister to whom she gave all her love and so I understood how empty and confused that made her She s fragile and has yet to understand why this has happened to someone so good She needs some Book 22 100 for 20152.
5 5This book really didn t do anything for me I was expecting great things because of the incredible hype surrounding the book, but I was bored throughout I felt like the romance between Joe and Lennie was WAY too sudden He just randomly shows up at her house one day and then begins to invite himself into the house every morning with croissants Also, they kiss and then a few days later they are in love and her ongoing crisis between picking Toby or Joe made me want to slap her silly I didn t like her writing style for the most part A few times a great sentence would stand out to me, but I felt like she did telling than showing She would always say how a character gave Lennie an irritated look , but didn t describe what that looked like She a