Trailer Ý Murder on Astor Place PDF by È Victoria Thompson

NOW THIS IS MY KIND OF FICTION Admittedly, I don t dabble in much fiction as I m the kind of reader who typically reads for erudition and prefers non fiction and textbooks But if a fictional story can also teach me interesting facts and history then sign me up I also like how I ve been learning a lot about turn of the century NY and the Gilded Age and this story put into practice some of the surroundings, customs, and history of the time that I ve learned about and weaves it into context I enjoy reading fictional stories that supplement the non fiction books I ve read on a given subject Book 1 of this Gaslight Mystery series by Victoria Thompson has definitely piqued my interest and I plan to continue onto book 2Murder on St Mark s Placei Review to follow.
5 stars I ve been meaning to get to this series for a long time and I ve finally arrived One of my favourite genres is the historical fiction mystery and this promises to be a great series Set in the period I assign to Edith Wharton, we get perfect access to the upper crust through our main character Sarah, who is the daughter of a prominent family, yet estranged Still, she has the understanding and the access Then as a midwife, she can access all class of people while going about her work Her counterpart in the police is Frank This is the era of Teddy Roosevelt as New York Police commissioner, eager to bring reform to a corrupt police force Sometimes with a first in series, the plot suffers from the setting up of the world, context and I am a big fan of Jacqueline Winspear s Maisie Dobbs series, about a female private investigator psychologist in post WWI London, having read all of the books Chelsea Clinton is also a fan, posting on Facebook about her memories of reading the books with her grandmother Chelsea asked if anyone had recommendations for books like Maisie, and someone posted about Victoria Thompson s Gaslight Mystery series, about Sarah Brandt, a midwife living in New York City around the turn of the 20th century.
I kept that in mind, and when I was waiting for a book signing at Barnes Noble 86th St store in NYC recently, I found myself in the Mystery section, and remembered the books I found the first one, Murder on Astor Place, and picked it to read while waiting.
Once I started it, I knew I had found a companion for Maisie across the pond Sarah wa I loved it It is a historical mystery and its a page turner The story is really good straight from the beginning to the end I loved the characters Its an excellent story.

Sarah Brandt, a widow, ex socialite and midwife, was drawn into a murder mystery when she glimpsed a young lady she thought she knew in the wrong place at the wrong time She went head to head with the commoner Sergeant Detective Frank Mallory when he arrived at the scene of the crime Over a period of weeks these two morph into a most unusual friendship if I can use that word loosely He doesn t appreciate her interference and she does not care for his bossiness yet they help each other.
I enjoyed the darker, seamier side of New York City in the late 1890 s It was such a refreshing change of pace from most stories that I have read recently I really loved Sarah s strength and honesty and her byplay with Frank He wasn t the easiest person to get along with The author did a first rate job of showing the disturbing and squalid à Murder on Astor Place ✓ Aside from one of the main characters having the same name as an ex boyfriend eep which became a slight annoyance after reading it on over 200 pages, I thoroughly enjoyed this book I love reading about the Victorian times to learnabout the period, and this was a very well researched book The reveal was kind of disturbing but I have to admit I didn t see it coming I m looking forward to reading the other books in this series to see where it takes the main characters, both of which I became fond of by the ending 4 stars.
Setting intriguing.
Writing pedestrian.
Word Choices occasionally extremely ahistorical.
For a further review I guessed this series would be a good one for me historical mystery is always my thing and here we have Maisie Dobb s American cousin joking detecting her way around New York instead of London Our main character, Sarah Brandt, is a daughter of one of New York s top families, but is estranged for marrying beneath her and now works as a midwife She has a hankering for detective work and when she meets Frank Molloy, a real police detective, she gets a chance to try it for real This book sets up the groundwork for the rest of the series.
I enjoyed the setting and the historical facts about life in New York at that time Characters came from all walks of life, top to bottom, so there were opportunities to see how different everyone s lives were References to people like Teddy Roosevelt were really interesting.
I am looking forward to reading book 2.
First Gaslight Mystery, Newly RepackagedAfter A Routine Delivery, Midwife Sarah Brandt Visits Her Patient In A Rooming House And Discovers That Another Boarder, A Young Girl, Has Been Killed At The Request Of Sergeant Frank Malloy, She Searches The Girl S Room, And Discovers That The Victim Is From One Of The Most Prominent Families In New York And The Sister Of An Old Friend The Powerful Family, Fearful Of Trailer Ý Murder on Astor Place PDF by È Victoria Thompson Scandal, Refuses To Permit An Investigation But With Malloy S Help, Sarah Begins A Dangerous Quest To Bring The Killer To Justice, Before Death Claims Another Victim