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This is a great read aloud for young children to practice animal sounds Dog goes to the farm and interacts with all kinds of animals His favorite noise, though, is his owner calling him to dinner Simple illustrations The kids really liked it.
This is a pretty decent book for introducing animals sounds I think I like the Dogs Colorful Day one a bit better or at least it s easier for me to use when storytelling.

A straightforward story about animals and the noises they make For little ones.
Great book of animal noises and silliness Emma Dodd writes wonderful children s books loved it great for noises of all the animals.
Not a dull moment with this book Kids love it Great to take to read to a class too.
Î Dog's Noisy Day Î This book was a big hit with all three of my kids, ages 5 1 2, 3 1 2, and 11 months The illustrations are of easily recognizable animals drawn with dark outlines and filled in with bright colors As you are taken through dog s day you meet different animals and learn not only their sounds, but also a little something about how they spend their time This book is great fun You absolutely have to include your kids in the noise making I love that each animals sound is not only in bold text in the story, but it is also printed next to the animal so that early readers can learn to recognize words like moo and oink , etc.
My oldest made noises and pranced around the livingroom pretending to be all of the animals My middle child made the animal sounds and we counted the animals My baby squealed with delight at his bro I don t understand Dog s appeal But Dog taps some deep guttural humor in my daughter To see Dog is to crack up at Dog, at least for her.
This adventure of Dog s is particularly amusing, filled with great noises to accentuate your narration Again, Dog is left to his own adventures without a collar or any human supervision by Vicky, but how can you not love a story containing Woofa, woofle, woo Dog is an admirable soul, assuming the donkey is laughing with him in a friendly manner instead of laughing at him Full of base needs, Dog seeks nothing than to eat, make friends, roll in mud, and nap It s hard to argue with that lifestyle choice.
Clumsy Canine Star Of Dog S Colorful Day Is Back In A Picture Book Adventure That Will Have Children Barking, Braying, Chirping, And Hooting With Laughter From The Moment He Hears His First Wake Up Birdcall, Dog Is Off On A Day Full Of Interesting, Irresistible Noises He Makes Many Noisy Friends A Rooster And A Donkey, Cows And Pigs And Soon His Lopsided Ears Are Full Of Silly Animal Sounds Too Melodious To Just Listen To Dog Must Imitate Them As [Emma Dodd] ☆ Dog's Noisy Day [video-games PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ò Well With The Fresh, Brilliantly Colored Art That Gives Her books Such Perfect Preschool Appeal, Emma Dodd Offers Another Eye Catching And Raucous read Aloud Hit, Starring The Irrepressible And Charming Dog My Storytime audience loved this one Dog is a great, goofy character In this book, he sets off looking for adventure and he meets all sorts of farm animals He even tries to imitate some for instance when he hears a rooster crow he Dog says, woofa, Woofle, woo My audience loved helping make all of the animal sounds A great read aloud.