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Can T Get Her Out Of His Head LiterallyVirtually, Book In Helen Hell Roston S Elite Black Ops World, Failure Isn T Listed As An Option In The Rule Book As The Leading Guinea Pig In A Dangerous Combination Of Virtual Reality Training And A Mind Altering Serum, Though, Every Day Offers A Thousand Ways To Blow It And The Very Real Sexual Chemistry That Sizzles Between Hell And Her Trainer Is Messing With Her Head EvenS Commando Jed McNeil Is An Expert In Mind Manipulation ò Virtually Hers (Virtually, #2) ✓ Download by ✓ Gennita Low Games He S Been Chosen To Be Hell S Monitor And Anchor In The Super Soldier Spy Program Trained To Compartmentalize His Needs And Feelings In An Assignment, He S Unprepared By How Much Hell Affects HimWhen The Experimental Serum Gives Helen Incapacitating Headaches, Her Pain Throws Jed Into Protect At All Costs Mode A Position The Fiercely Independent Hell Would Rather Die Than Be In But With A Rogue CIA Faction Out To Sabotage The Program, Hell Has No Choice Even If It Makes Her Head Explode It S Trust Jed, Or DieBookOf This Series Was Published By The Mira Imprint Of Harlequin Sci fi Paranormal Special Ops I don t know for sure how to classify this book except to say it was darn good and well worth the 2 year wait it doesn t actually get released in paperback til August 2010, but I read the Kindle version.
to follow The first chapter is a quick recap from all that happen in Book 1 Virtually His right until Helen gasps at her computer and found out who is her mysterious handler Okay, is Jed McNeil I never would have guess is him, because he appeared quite late in book 1 No, he was there from the beginning, but often referred as the man Now Helen finally found out who is this guy who kept seducing her in the virtual reality and she wanted to confront him and make him admit it on her face Is interesting to see how things panned out for them because he is been keeping the secret for so long.
The plot about Agent 51 is again beyond confusing from Book 1 and I already gave up reading about it I speed through it and just read what happen between Helen and Jed There isn t any declaration of love obviously They are just tw First of all, a big fat THANK YOU to Samhain Publishing for picking up Gennita Low s contract on these books You re not going to regret it, because she rocks I thoroughly enjoyed this second foray into the secret world of remote viewing The plot was well drawnThe commandos of COMCEN are great fun, and it was terrific to see them all again But the centerpiece, of course, was the growing relationship between Hell and Hades Click here for full review Ý Virtually Hers (Virtually, #2) Ý I really love this romance novel, it s my new favorite romance novel I don t normally like to read series, but this one was aight However, my biggest disappointment was when Hell didn t do anything to protect herself against the intruder in her room I hope she comes out of her coma that she is in.
I found it very frustrating that this series was never completed So many questions were left unanswered.
I read the first book in the series years ago and loved it I desperately waited for the second book but by the time it came out I was only mildly interested in th story I m thoroughly annoyed that the book ends on a cliffhanger and there is no information about when the third book will be written.
What That s it Where is the third book Why can t I find it I just randomly came across Gennita Low s Virtually His, which is the first book in the series, and loved it This book I liked evenIt was fast paced and kept me on my toes We finally get to see who her trainer is and I have to say I had my guess in the last book and was happy to see I was right Jed and Helen have chemistry that jumps off the page and their kinky romps in the V.
R room and their shared dreams are amazing Each encounter is different and I loved watching Jed struggle with his feelings for Helen Jed is such a unique character, cold and detatched and to see how Helen affects him gave him a vulnerable quality I will have to say that my brain had to work very hard reading this book, there is a lot of information to take in and a lot of terms that just flew right over my head I had to go back in a few places and re read a paragraph just to make sur Excellent book Well worth the 3 year wait for it to finally come out after book one, Virtually His All I can say is given the way this one left readers hanging at the end even worse than Virtually His did, there better not be another 3 year wait for book 3, Virtually One Love the way the relationship is slowly developing between Jed and Hell Keeps readers guessing and wondering and reading to find out when if they get into a romance and get an HEA.