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the plot was somewhat awkward how cud a sister fall in love wid her brother i disliked this fact the story was no great romance either,like a family reunion and disclosure of secrets long hidden Yet another tale of Anne Mather s borderline incest stories The guy knows the girl is not his sister, step sister rather The girl thinks they share the same father But she still lusts after him And that s been the case since she was a lanky teenager.
The guy doesn t want to hurt the dad and reveal his own dubious parentage So he runs away to far off Africa to avoid lusting after his sister.
10 years pass The girl comes looking for him , to Africa Nothing has changed The lust remains, but otherwise there is not much natural warmth in their relationship.
The sordid daddy story comes out The leads are not bro sis anyYipppee End of story.
Anne Mather , take a break from this plot line will you Its grating on my nerves ó The Smouldering Flame (Alpha books) ó Hero and heroine were raised as brother and sister but were not actually brother and sister The hero eventually left and the heroine still was unaware despite her passionate feelings towards the hero, that he was no her brother by any means Ten years have past and now the heroine has come to Africa to find her brother but what she encounters is the truth and his love for her.
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