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OK thriller 2 1 2 stars if we did 1 2 stars, but it could lead to something.
Written by ex Delta Force operator Eric L Haney about a character with a similar background, the book s action is made engaging by its realism Pragmatic in tone, the book emphasizes the preparation and cooperation required of commando operations.
Most impressive to me are the author s appreciation of cultures both foreign and his own and the humanity it conveys.
Creator Of The CBS Series The Unit Delivers His Fiction Debut Kennesaw Tanner Once Fought A Shadow War Now He S Fighting For Himself Soldier Of Fortune Kennesaw Tanner Is Approached By Government Operatives With An Offer Rescue The Kidnapped Heir Of A Powerful Persian Gulf Sheik Whose Alliance With The US Has Made Him A Target For Terrorists But What Tanner Doesn T Know Is That There Are Elements Within The Government Who Want Him To Fail, That The Sands Of ✓ read Å No Mans Land by Eric L.
Haney Ú Politics Are Shifting Against Him And That The Job He S Being Paid To Do May Cost Him Than He Bargained For Action packed with fiction that is based on the real life experiences and expertise of former Delta operator Eric L.
Haney Right up there with blockbusters like Clancy and Daniel Silva, but muchreality based in both military action and character description The story is concise and to the point, making for a fast and very enjoyable read In fact it seamlessly merge into a second book with the same lead character, Kennesaw Tanner, a kind of warrior philosopher with a positive attitude towards life and its dangers A page turner.
Well written, but not one of my favorites Hopefully the next installment for Kenesaw will be a bitentertaining The book has a few high points, but is very predictable Give the new author a shot, with the hopes that the next book in the series is a bit better.
while this was not the best written book, i did really enjoy the story and the characters and i liked a lot of the information the author gave if there arebooks featuring this character i ll check them out.
No Mans Land ☆ This isn t my favorite genre but I found the story easy to follow and easy to read Enjoyed.

fun A fairly well written thriller with not quite enough action that has a plot with an odd twist ending.
Tanner is a Delta vet who is hired by the US government to find the little grandson of an emir whose son and family were killed by terrorists and who is being held hostage somewhere in north Africa He s given virtually unlimited resources to do this One of the things that was strange for me right off the bat was that the location of the terrorist army was easily pinpointed and known by all involved Okay, how did that happen Then, Tanner and his crew go to a group of Bedouin type tribesmen who have a bone to pick with this army and align themselves to attack their fort together During all of this, everything goes righ Wow, what an amazing book I grew up reading and loving the adventure like thrillers of the seventies and early eighties Alistair MacLean, Robert Ludlum, Desmond Bagley or Clive Cussler, you name them I ve read them Now I m realy surprised and pleased to find an active living author that can write in this classic style.
I admit the plot is simple a former soldier is hired to retrieve the kidnapped grandson of an Emir He hires a few old buddys and they start their own small war to get the job done.
As I said the plot isn t big literature but eric L Haney has a talent to write in this gripping style that you can t put the book away before you are finished with it, in my case this has been accomplsihed after 2 evenings of pleasant reading.
I m looking forward to reasdof this author.