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this book is a great book for lerming how to not only Grow Herbs but makeing all sorts of things.
Mcvicar S original New Book Of Herbs Ushered In A New Type Of Gardening Reference Book, Covering A Wide Choice Of Herbs And Their Uses Grow Herbs Puts Jekka S Comprehensive Information Into A Fresh, Up To Date Format For A New Audience Of Keen Organic Gardeners, Herb Enthusiasts, And Those Interested In Natural Healthcare And Herbal Products For The Home Grow Herbs Opening Chapter Covers All Practical Aspects Of Designing, Cultivating, And Propagating Herbs, With Practical Step By Step Photographs To Illustrate Jekka S Organic Gardening [Jekka McVicar] ä Grow Herbs [zen PDF] Ebook Epub Download ä Techniques The A Z Directory Showcases Her TopHerbs, With Close Up Photography And Advice On Growing And Using Each Species, Cross Referenced To The Sections On Using Herbs In The Kitchen And Around The Home, Which Follow These Cover Herb Marinades, Sauces And Hot Dishes, As Well As Household Uses Such As Surface Cleaners, Room Fragrances And Pet Care Packed With Practical Horticultural Advice As Well As Inspirational Recipes And Projects, Grow Herbs Will Encourage New Gardeners To Make Herbs A Part Of Their Garden Design, And Shows Experienced Herb Growers How Their Plants Can Be Put Touse In The Kitchen And Around The House Great info I liked the part with photos illustrating how to harvest the plants but each plant is different There were lots of pictures, but I wish there had been pictures of what to harvest and when ie what does a flower look like when it is not fully opened.
Ñ Grow Herbs å Good photos but gives no info about what zones are appropriate for each herb.
SM I want a yard full of herbs that flower everywhere These pictures are so beautiful.

This is a great tool for people who want or already Grow Herbs It has an index that surpasses any I have seen, complete with stuff I had no idea about like flea treatments How cool is that Honestly, I can t wait until Spring when I can start my boxes here I would have already but we just moved in not too long ago This book is going to help me in so many ways, from exact preferences in growth, light and maintenance.
A definite must have for any green thumb I m sure it s a great resource on growing herbs but it was beyond me and my level of interest in gardening Seemed like an easy to read text book Some day I may come back to it Mostly just skimmed it.