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Elderly Artist And Her Six Year Old Granddaughter While Away A Summer Together On A Tiny Island In The Gulf Of Finland Gradually, The Two Learn To Adjust To Each Other S Fears, Whims And Yearnings For Independence, And A Fierce Yet Understated Love Emerges One That Encompasses Not Only The Summer Inhabitants But The Island Itself, With Its Mossy Rocks, Windswept Firs And Unpredictable SeasFull Of Brusque Humour And Wisdom, The Summer Book Is A Profoundly Life Affirming Story Tove Jansson Captured [ Pdf Sommarboken ê social-issues PDF ] by Tove Jansson ✓ Much Of Her Own Experience And Spirit In The Book, Which Was Her Favourite Of The Novels She Wrote For Adults This New Edition Sees The Return Of A European Literary Gem Fresh, Authentic And Deeply Humane Swedish speaking Finnish Tove Jansson 1914 2001 , author of Moomin books, was a lesbian Coming from highly artistic family, she wrote and illustrated the famous Moomin children s book that came out after WWII when she felt like creating something innocent That children s book became the most popular series in Europe in the 40 s and 50 s.
Then came the death of her mother in 1972 Sad and grieving, she wrote The Summer Book which is now considered as a Scandinavian classic and has never been out of print It is a story of one summer in a tiny island in the Gulf of Finland where an elderly artist and her 6 y o granddaughter, Sophia stayed together with Sophia s dad The island is so tiny that it took the author, E This is the quietest great book I ve ever read.
Every once in a while I read a book that makes me jealous, that makes me wish I could write and do what the book did Like this one It s a wisp of a book brief, with no plot to speak of and only two real characters, no compelling crisis to drive the action, no suspense.
I almost cried when it ended.
It s like a watercolor of only four or five easy strokes, that you can t help but stare at for hours.
So, this girl Sophia and her grandmother, and by the way, her dad is there too but in Sophia s world he s just a background force, like the weather, and not a character This girl Sophia and her grandmother do not do much, but spend lots of time together doing normal things on normal summer days that happen in no particular order, and I don t even think all the same year.
And it s just wonderf

The forest was full of signs and portents, its own secret written language.
Tove Jansson, the world renowned creator of the Moomintroll characters, succinctly harnesses the power and glory of a seaside summer season in the twenty two elegant vignettes contained within The Summer Book Here is a book in no need of magic or any other fantastical adornments as she reminds us that we can discover pure, beautiful magic in the natural world all around us if only we quiet our lives and open our eyes to it Set upon a tiny island in the Gulf of Finland much like where Jansson s own family spent their summers, Summer Book chronicles the interactions and adventures between a young girl, Sophia, and her grandmother as they embrace the world and all the facts of life that surround them Tender and subtle, yet laced with poignant investigations of Why do only the very very young or the very very old have time to ponder what heaven is like Or to bask in the simple act of diving Or to invent stories about mice and worms and write a novel about a day in their animal lives Maybe because grandmothers are the only people in the world capable of educating using the art of playing and granddaughters are the only ones ready to play with grandmothers seriously This is, in short, what Tove Jansson portrays in The Summer Book, a summer that is not Mediterranean, and a book that is not only for children but rather for those of all ages who still see the world as a place full of potential wonder and adventure.
Jansson evokes the chilly nights of August, the virulence of summer storms and the silent walks on the untamed beaches of a lost island in Finland with tenderness and mischievous humor calling out to the hidden