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nowadays, people who live a long way away, in Europe and the United States of America, White people especially, are beginning to take an interest in the beauty of our country These people are called tourists You know, in the old days these White people came to rob and exploit us now they visit our country for a rest and in search of happiness That is why we have built hotels and holiday villages and casinos to welcome them He had lain at the hospital for five days without treatment, because he hadn t a penny on him, adn to prove he was a pauper he had to have a certificate from the local authority and as he was too badly injured to go and get this certificate of indigence which would exempt him from having to pay for treatment, he had lain in a corner, behind a general ward, whose inmates expressed sympathy for his suffering by Droll If the only political fable you can name off of the top of your head is by that gadfly Orwell, give this a whirl.
This story adroitly demonstrates the importance of collective bargaining and the danger in forgetting one s origins.
E un libro molto divertente, ma dal finale molto amaro che un po mi ha rovinato l effetto complessivo Al centro della storia l abitudine di fare la carit come mezzo per propiziarsi gli dei e ottenere quello che si desidera Tra marabut veggenti , scioperi dei mendicanti, poliziotti onesti e corrotti, figlie che cercano l emancipazione, un romanzo molto ricco di temi forse anche troppi per sole 126 pagine che d un bello spaccato della vita a Dakar.
I m wavering between three and four stars I liked the book in many ways it s very nearly perfect the problem is, i m not sure how to understand the ending i m not sure if the author has a position on the problem her story described, or if her intention was simply to paint a picture of Senegalese life at that moment in time Regardless of the ending, and whether or not it means anything, i really enjoyed seeing the role of the marabout It s something I ve read a lot about in scholarly articles and whatnot, but with this piece of fiction I got a much better sense of how things really work Here s to hoping some knowledgeable folks will help me sort things out é La Grève des bàttu ✓ This is one of the best books I have ever read We all take our own position in society, however tenuous it may be, for granted The books alternative title is The Dreggs of Society and the story portrays how all elements including the dreggs are a vital part of humanity Many events in this country England have led to similar purges of undesirables from town centres in an attempt to present a version of our way of life that is at odds with reality This story shows with a poetic precision the folly of pretending we are something other than our collective selves Humour and insight into the tragedy of attempting to run a place and forgetting that not all the people share the same vision make this a most enjoyable read I recommend The Beggars strike to anyone who can read.

The Beggars StrikeAuthor Aminata Sow Falloriginal title in French La Gr ve des b ttu 1979 I have a lot of love for this book Aminata Sow Fall, a Senegalese author who writes in French, sets her story in an unnamed country in West Africa In light of a decline in tourism, Mour Ndiaye, the Director of the Department of Public Health and Hygiene, decides to rid the city of its homeless population by means of violent raids, harassment, imprisonment and forced displacement The beggars, who refuse to tolerate this all out assault on their community decide to get organized and go on strike They collectively move into the Slum Clearance Resettlement Area on the outskirts of the city Out of sight and out of mind, right Well, not quit This was my introduction to Aminata Sow Fall, read during the weeks after I came back from my first time in Senegal Some of her images were familiar, even decades later Mour Ndiaye, a politician and hopeful for the vice Presidency, undertakes the project of ridding the city of beggars, who are portrayed as dirty and embarrassing With the help of his assistant, Keba Dabo who in reality does the majority of the work , they go as far as physical violence against the city s impoverished population in order to clear them from street corners and make way for European tourism Unfortunately, there are roadblocks on the path to unproblematic adoption of Western ideals, and one of them is that Islam requires donations to the poor Mour Ndiaye s marabout proscribes such donations in order that he can achieve his political goals.
Meanwhile, the beggars organize under Salla Niang s direct The christian bible teaches that the poor will always be with us but no one really wants them around Especially, when they are aggressively asking tourists for alms Mour Ndiaye, the Director of the Department of Public Health and Hygiene, under takes an ambitious project to remove the beggars from the city His motivations are suspect First, he sees the beggars are sub humans Second, he has grand political ambitions.
In true modern fabulist fashion, Mour s adventure is one of sweeping successes, minor frustrations, and superstitious interference His frustrations are rooted in his own failings and moral nastiness and one is loathe to feel sorry for his ultimate plight.
Where the book fails, I think, is in its scant development of the community of beggars There is a structure set up, a sort of organization with Salla Niang, a strong lady boss, at the head But as f This is very much in the vein of my observation in the review of my 2017 reading of African books, where I mentioned that several of them centered around the inventive ways that everyday people find to get around, or back at, authoritarian rulers, be they imperialists or some of their successors Aminata Sow Fall writes about Senegal Her short novel was published in 1979 The tone is somewhat similar to Thiong o s Wizard of the Crow without the magic realist for lack of a better term aspect.
In this case, an over zealous campaign to rid Dakar of all beggars in order to promote tourism a sort of weak excuse for many citizens not wanting to be accosted at every turn by the scale of poverty has unintended consequences The book is in fact a sort of comic meditati Sight Of Disease Ridden Beggars In The Streets Is Giving The Town A Bad Name, And The Tourists Are Starting To Stay Away If The Director Of Public Health And Hygiene Can Get Rid Of Them He Will Have Done A Great Service To The Health And Economy Of The Nation Not To Mention His Own Promotion Prospects A Plan Of Military Precision Is Put Into Action To Rid The [ read Online La Grève des bàttu ✓ young-adult-romance PDF ] by Aminata Sow Fall ✓ Streets Of These Verminous ScroungersBut The Beggars Are Organized, TooThey Know That Giving Alms Is A Divine Obligation And That Allah S Good Will Is Vital To Worldly Promotion So When The Beggars Withdraw Their Charitable Service, The Pious City Civil Servants And Businessmen Start To Panic