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A fun quick read.
The heroine Freddy was a bit of a ninny and I wanted to slap her for her continued picking at him.
But at least she apologized all the time for her bad moods and sniping.
I did love the way the hero fell for her and the way he was so concerned with her health and happiness at the end.
The book lacked any kind of depth in trying to show a sense of place or culture which I guess when you consider I really hate made up countries isn't so bad but it does leave a lack.
I've read two of this series now and I need to look up the other two.
Looking for an alphajerk? Not in here.

After all the bull Freddy took from her cousin I was glad Jaspar was so kind and amazing and I want one for myself thank you very much.

Did I mention I'm a sucker for the plots where the Hero falls in lust at first sight even when he thinks heroine is the mother of the child(ren) he's claiming? If you hadn't notice now you know.

Just wondering, if he was the wellbehaved brother.
Where did he learned his moves?

A gentle soul like Freddy lashing at Jaspar was a refreshing surprise
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Wow what a book.
I loved every second of it and couldn't turn away even for a brief moment.

The Premise: King Zafir of Quamar is ill and his eldest son, the Crown Prince Adil, had just passed away two months prior! Adil was a piece of work who instead of doing his assigned work as the Crown Prince he spent most of his time aboard his yacht accompanied by a group of American women who were his sex objects.
He was an unrepentant womanizer the likes you haven't seen.
He was on his third marriage and had children by his wives and a spare or two by mistresses thrown in.

It seems he, his wife and ex wives only produced females and he desperately needed a male heir.
After his death the King discovered Adil, had fathered a son with a woman who was not his wife.
After having her investigated Wow well the description of the book is wrong here.

The hero did not kidnap little Ben it was the grandfather.

Also, he was a good father figure and I loved that he gave her gifts as he was always thinking about her.

I think a lot of us girl can relate to the chocolate scene so much.

The first time they have sex was just wow!
This was an awesome book and I loved it.

I have reread this book often and it is one of my favourite.

If you are lucky to find this book, read it!
You will not be disappointed.