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Story about an aging and famous writer Rudolf Herter on a book tour to Vienna During an interview he muses on his ideas about Hitler and argues that his essence can only be captured by putting him in a plausible but fictional scenario and seeing how it develops He is approached by an elderly couple that decide to tell him their story Ullrich and Julia Falk worked at the Berghof, Hitler s rural retreat as servants to Hitler and Eva Braun They tell their story which starts as a fascinating portrait of Hitler but ends as a horrendous story They are ordered to pretend that Eva Braun and Hitler s son Siegfried is in fact their own son, and then later, Ullrich is forced to secretly murder Siegfried but to pretend including to Julia that it w awful mulisch seems to have no skill at all, nor sensibility his protagonist is a clone of himself, not to explore himself but rather to praise himself by comparing himself with mann, a sin for which hell rot in hell his prose seems to have no cadence or consideration to it, farted out by a dozen drafts to make it publishable his overarching themes involve pseudo intellectually blank attempts to try and make some point on aesthetic theory, but he clearly knows nothing about it and his points are as vapid as can be this is a godawful book, dont read it this is the best the dutch have to offer

The premise of this Mulisch novel is that Hitler and Eva Braun had a son, named Siegfried, a fact that only an aged couple in Austria still knows The couple conveys this secret to Rudolf Herter, a famous Dutch writer who is the central character of the novel Herter has long been convinced that biographical and psychological attempts to explain Hitler have all failed and that Hitler can only be meaningfully accessed through fiction The secret about Hitler s son, which falls into his lap, enables him to construct a theory of Hitler that is part philosophical and part fictionaland in some measure mad Hitler, Herter argues, is pure negativity, a black hole, the equivalent to the number zero which, in the act of multiplication, destroys all other numbers It is ultimately as futile to find some past event that made Hitl I bought this book just because I was bloody bored at a mall waiting for my cat s surgery to end The title and cover intrigued me so I bought it to read while waiting for my cat When I started reading it, I thought how bloody boring it is, but since I had nothing better to do and I was tired I continued reading As pages melted in my eyes, I got interested and wanted to know how everything will end And I can say I already knew the ending, it was predictible book But actually it ended not like I thought In fact the last sentence of a book made me stunned for some minutes Such a mysterious ending In fact all book was so mysterious Predictible and nothing special, but the end was amazing It s hard to write how I liked this book not making a spoiler So, to say it simply it was philosophical, predictible and mysterious book First pages make you want to put it away, but all int Although the story is a very good read, I did not very much appreciate the book I feel Hitler as a person is characterised as so muchthan he was He is described as the absolute nothingness and by doing so, Harry Mulisch creates the feeling that Hitler was the only one responsible for the war Thus, taking the blame off the many other responsible people Further, it lacks some historical awareness and downplays other historical tragedies such as Nero s Christian persecution solely to make Hitler appear worse.
I was about to give this four stars, because the idea behind it and the explanations about the non personality of Hitler were really really interesting and I could even follow all of the philosophy thanks to my classes But the ending was very predictable and made me realize that I didn t care for the main character at all Also, and I have this feeling a lot when I read Dutch literature, the dialogue seems really forced and unnatural when it s not meant to be like that.
ê Siegfried: een zwarte idylle ì Very few characters in history, particularly that of the last century, inspire the same sort of morbid fascination as Hitler Mulisch exploration of the character is as speculative as it is completely fascinating When a renown author decides to write a book on Hitler, he discovers a secret of the past that upstages any flight of imagination he might have produced in that staggeringly audacious way that reality tends to upstage make belief Not one but two wild concepts in one book, so much to think about All suppositions and theories, of course, but so clever, so well researched, so intelligent that one can t help but wonder what if The slightness of the book does nothing to betray the gravity of its context Exceptionally interesting read Highly recommended.
The alternate history story inside this story is very intriguing The premise Hitler and Eva Braun had a son And Mulisch makes this work without rewriting history It could ve been this way However, the story around that story, the life and thoughts of main protagonist Herter, an author with autobiographical traits discovering these shocking news, didn t really get me Except for the ending, which was shocking, but also very weird.
Author Rudolf Herter Is In Vienna To read From His Masterpiece, The Invention Of Love, When In A TV Interview He Speaks Of His Desire To Write About Evil He Is Later Contacted By An Elderly Couple Who Believe He Should Hear Their Shocking Story As Servants At The Berghof, Hitler S Retreat During The War, They Looked After Eva Braun And Consequently Became Guardians Of A Shattering Secret And Unwilling Participants In [Harry Mulisch] ï Siegfried: een zwarte idylle [young-adult-science-fiction PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ë A Terrible Crime Burdened By His New Knowledge, Herter Must Decide What To Do With It A nice novel introducing an alternative history around Hitler It s engaging.