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In the same vein as her book Girl with a Pearl Earring, The Lady and the Unicorn is a fictional account of the story surrounding the creation of the famed Lady and the Unicorn Tapestries, now housed at the Musee national du Moyen Age Musee Cluny in Paris This topic was particularly intriguing to me, since I d seen the tapestries in person back in 2001.
While the book provides a really interesting up close look at the design and weaving processes, I could have done with out the rest of the story, which was fairly bawdy I didn t really care about the characters just the tapestries D It s a good read if you want to find out how it was done keeping in mind that it s not really a history book and don t mind the bawdiness, but I wouldn t exactly recommend it to my mother.
who of course, then received the book as a gift from a friend a I hope someone has pointed out to Tracy Chevalier that if you are going to have seven different narrators for your story, you really need to give each of them a distinctive voice This is a major failing of this novel, which I found plodding and flat, and lacking in any genuine exploration of character or motivation The harsh working lives of the weavers are described in some detail but the description doesn t connect with the characters And also, if you are going to use the first person in a historical novel, try to make it fit the context, and don t describe anything as peppered with since peppers in this era would not have been very well known I know that isn t a major flaw but it just added to the sense of inauthenticity The tapestries aren t one of my favourite works of art anyway, and the twee way in which the unicorn allegory was presented made me want to go and find a unicorn If I ever read the word maidenhead again in a novel, I will vomit from the flashback of reading this book.

Chevalier , ,, , ,,, , , , º The Lady and the Unicorn Ó I am impressed I never thought this book would be as lovely as Girl with a Pearl Earring First let me just explain that this is a book of historical fiction In the Muse National du Moyen Age we can today see The Lady and the Unicorn tapestries They are six tapestries, each representing one of our five senses sight, sound, smell, touch, taste and the sixth, that one is known as Mon Seul D sir, for these words are found woven there In English the translation would be my one, sole desire Think about those words in conjunction with the theme of the other tapestries and imagine what they might mean In any case, the tapestries and this book must be about seduction Or is it about forgoing sensual pleasures One cannot see if the women is putting in or taking out the jewels.
Little is known of these wool and silk tapestries exc What I learned from this book is I should never ever read anything by this author ever again A friend of mine was enthralled by The Virgin Blue and requested I read it Although I hated it I thought I d possibly give The Lady and the Unicorn a chance since I love art history Sadly, I cannot say I liked a single thing about this book I hated the plot, story, characters and writing style Hated.
Sekumpulan permadani ditemukan pada tahun 1841 oleh Prosper M rim e, seorang dramawan, sejarawan, dan arkeolog Prancis bersama dengan temannya, George Sand Mereka menemukannya ketika menginap di Ch teau de Boussac Prancis tengah Ternyata permadani itu bukan sembarang permadani, itu adalah permadani dari abad pertengahan yang akhirnya membawa kontribusi besar pada sejarah abad pertengahan Prancis.
Siapa sebenarnya perancang atau pembuat permadani ini sebenarnya tidak diketahui Tracy Chevalier membungkus sejarah pembuatan enam permadani tersebut dengan kisah fiksi yang terjadi pada abad 15 Tidak semuanya fiksi, Tracy menuliskan di bagian akhir novel ini bahwa ia berusaha tetap setia pada sedikit fakta yang diketahui, termasuk membaca sumber sumber sejarah abad pertengahan.
Tracy membagi tokoh tokoh dalam novel ini menjadi 3 bagian Pertama adalah Tour De Force Of History And Imagination, The Lady and the Unicorn Is Tracy Chevalier S Answer To The Mystery Behind One Of The Art World S Great Masterpieces A Set Of Bewitching Medieval Tapestries That Hangs Today In The Cluny Museum In Paris They Appear To Portray The Seduction Of A Unicorn, But The Story Behind Their Making Is Unknown Until NowParis,A Shrewd French Nobleman Commissions Six Lavish Tapestries Celebrating His Rising Status At Court He Hires The Charismatic, Arrogant, Sublimely Talented Nicolas Des Innocents To Design [ Pdf The Lady and the Unicorn ¹ rabbits PDF ] by Tracy Chevalier ✓ Them Nicolas Creates Havoc Among The Women In The House Mother And Daughter, Servant, And Lady In Waiting Before Taking His Designs North To The Brussels Workshop Where The Tapestries Are To Be Woven There, Master Weaver Georges De La Chapelle Risks Everything He Has To Finish The Tapestries His Finest, Most Intricate Work On Time For His Exacting French Client The Results Change All Their Lives Lives That Have Been Captured In The Tapestries, For Those Who Know Where To LookIn The Lady and the Unicorn, Tracy Chevalier Weaves Fact And Fiction Into A Beautiful, Timeless, And Intriguing Literary Tapestry An Extraordinary Story Exquisitely Told Prvo, ali ne i zadnje dru enje sa Tracy I suppose that s how you write historical fiction looking at you, Simone van der Vlugt The Brussels section is glorious, with all the weaving details and the particulars of the craft I m beyond amazed each time an author takes the hard way and engages in lots of research, such as tapestry techniques in the Middle Ages setting up looms, threads, colours, dyeing methods and all that jazz and manages to bring everything together in an enthralling narrative Also, I m constantly amazed at how incredibly well the craft guilds were organized in Medieval Flanders.
The Paris section is a bit trivial, but somewhat appropriate, I guess Unfortunately, I didn t connect with any of the characters definitely didn t root for the unlikely pair , but having the story told from multiple p