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It seems Captain Geminus has almost been murdered by a close client, his daughter's tutor Aristo.
Flavia is determined to solve the mystery, but it is her friends that really do, since she is emotionally involved.
African Nubia believes Aristo did not commit the crime, but fiery Flavia counters her with the fact that Nubia is in love with him.
Jewish Jonathan thinks Flavia should give Nubia a chance to say her reason, but Flavia does not listen.
She's so sad because she knows how much pain he's in and refuses to give up finding Aristo, who is on the run.

They follow him on horses controlled by Nubia, an animallover.
When the carriage breaks down, they have to sell it and sit on the horses' backs.
Flavia complains it's too bumpy, but her friends urge her on, comf Not as interesting as the first book in the series, but author still does great job with the setting.
The series started to dwindle at this point, and this book was no better.
In fact it was my least favourite of the set.

The two decent parts to this book, winning the two stars, were actually within the storyline.
The action surrounding Flavia's father being stabbed brought pace to the novel, and finally meeting Lupus's mother was worthwhile too.

However the whole Lupus's mother being able to give prophecies was weird.
It annoyed me that all Flavia had to do was mourn and weep over her father's comatose body to awaken him.
Plus chasing Atticus to find out it was his brother that attempted to murder Marcus was frustrating.
And if Atticus did nothing, then why did he run? He was running away because he didn't want his brother to kill him, but his brother would have just presumed that he had stabbed the right guy if he h It revealed a great part of the story which I had never knew before.
I never knew that Aristo was so hated in Corinth.
I also did not know that Aristo had a brother who was always jealous of him.
I also did not know that Aristo insulted his brother many times without even realizing it.
I think that Aristo still has some secrets which need to be uncovered in the next book.
However, I think that the ending of this book was not that great.
Captain Geminus somehow regained his memory after a horrible incident in which 99& of people would lose their memory.
I think that the ending was extremely unrealistic for such a serious event in this book.
Anyways, splendid action and description of the environment as usual and I can't wait to read the next one.
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Dramatic struggle between main characters was difficult to follow, but the setting gave me an important lesson.
Very catchy ï The Fugitive from Corinth (The Roman Mysteries) ï This book was good, although there was a tiny bit of romance.
When Flavia’s father is nearly murdered, she has to come to terms with her close emotional connection clouding her usual clear analytical mind.
She becomes more tyrannical to the point she refuses to hear her friend’s advice and puts them off from telling her their more objective conclusions to the mystery of who did the murder and why.
All is not as it seems.
Is their longterm tutor and friend Aristo a murderer? This storyline is about a journey and the revelations that come along the way, the testing of friendships and the scenic descriptions rich with history and culture as they chase Aristo across Greece to bring him to justice.
This is the book on Aristo’s back story.
Wonderful view into ancient Greece and the Acropolis.
Loved the chapter of Delphi and the Acropolis.
You feel like you are there.
Evocative descriptions.
The Fugitive From Corinth was a good book.
It had all the aspects of a good book.
It had suspense, action, drama, and much more.
The plot was very good, and the mystery was well planned out.
I was glad I was able to solve the mystery.
I liked the Greek setting and life, as a change to the usual Roman setting and lifestyle.
It was sometimes hard to follow the words, but the guide at the back was helpful.
Since the story takes place in ancient times, some things are very different than now.
One of the things was slavery.
Another thing was nakedness, at places like the public baths.
It was a little disturbing.
Overall, a good book because of its varied genres and authentic ancient life description.