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Though Richter won the National Book Award for this book, it failed to capture my fancy Late in his life, John Donner, the protagonist, tries to return to the town where he grew up but discovers that it is now underwater as a hydro electric dam has been created Though the public is kept from entering the area, he manages to con his way in and the book in entirety is an account as it were actually happening of the people and places he knew much earlier in his life It s written as if he actually sees those things though no one recognizes him and remembers ever having known him Though the book is only 176 pages, I felt many times as I made my way through it that it could have been much, much shorter The award probably came from his recalling in such detail the kind of life that existed there long ago.
Conrad Richter was a well respected mid century writer whose series about a midwestern pioneer family, The Trees 1940 , The Fields 1946 , and The Town 1950 , were his most popular books I read The Town because it won a Pulitzer Prize in 1951 and enjoyed it for the good story telling and the history of the midwest The Waters of Kronos is a whole different type of novel I would say it was experimental for its time though not as far out there as his contemporaries Wright Morris or John Barth.
John Donner is an aging man in ill heath when he goes back to his home town, seeking answers in the past Unionville lies somewhere amongst the mountains of the northeastern United States and has been underwater for years due to a large hydroelectric dam on the River K The Time Of Its First Publication In , Conrad Richter S The Waters of Kronos Sparked Lively Debate About The Extent To Which Its Story Of A Belated Return To Childhood Scenes Mirrored Key Events Of Richter S Own Life As Was Well Known At The Time, Richter Had Spent Several Years In The Southwest, Where He Collected The Material For His First Successful Book, Early Americans And Other Stories, Download Epub Format ¹ The Waters of Kronos PDF by ä Conrad Richter But By , He Had Returned To Live In His Hometown, Pine Grove, PennsylvaniaJohn Donner, The Main Protagonist In The Waters of Kronos, Traces A Similar Route From West To East, Although He Finds That His Family Home And Native Town Have Been Submerged Under The Deep Waters Of A Lake Formed By The Construction Of A Hydroelectric Dam As Richter Narrates His Alter Ego S Efforts To Salvage His Past, He Moves Beyond Semi Autobiography To Offer What Are Widely Recognized As His Most Haunting Reflections Upon The Power Of Family History, The Fragility Of Human Memory, And Art S Role In Structuring The Communal Ethos David McCullough, A Fellow Pulitzer Prize Winner, Met And Befriended Richter In The S And Has Called Him An American Master, Praising The Waters of Kronos As His Most Beautiful Book My experience with Conrad Richter, as with a lot of folks, began with Richter s Awakening Land series I absolutely fell in love with The Trees I enjoyed and was similarly impressed with the other two books in the series, The Fields and The Town The Waters of Kronos, my latest Richter novel, was a completely different experience The one similarity was a mystical feel in both The Trees and The Waters of Kronos, but that mystical quality was a minor aspect of The Trees while it was central to The Waters of Kronos I almost struggled to recognize these works as written by the same author.
Although I did not enjoy The Waters of Kronos nearly as much as I did the Awakening Land series, and that is standard 1 when I read, I did admire what Richter was trying to do, or at least what I think he ë The Waters of Kronos Á If the young could only know, he apologized for his uncertainty But then they wouldn t be young any It may be nasty that I didn t give his National Book Award winner 5 stars, but nothing could be as good as the Awakening Land series.
Exquisite language and sense of place A man searching for home comforts as he approaches death.
A big bite of reality.

This started off so promising, an old man visits the town of his youth, only it s laying at the bottom of a lake By some means he manages to travel back in time only he s still an old man and see the town in its heyday as well as all the faces of old, now long since buried However, no one recognizes him and he remains very much an outsider.
What can I say It was disappointing Pages of reminiscing, very little dialog, basically an elderly man looking back at his life and his efforts to lay things to rest before he joins his ancestors Not too exciting and ultimately unsatisfying, like a dream One reader here on GR compared it to the feeling you get when you save your sundae s cherry to eat last and then find its a radish I It was ok, the ending was poor.