Ê ChocolateVicodin ì Download by ↠´ Jennette Fulda

This book basically jumped off the shelf when I was looking for Frederick Douglass biography First of all, there is a cupcake And it is covered with pill sprinkles Then I read the title and saw my life As a woman with chronic pain I found her story to be familiar in many ways and also completely different in others Her insights were right on and her perspective was fresh and funny Sense of humor goes a long way to control the pain in our lives I don t know how she dealt with this for so long, she is my hero I wanted to like this book, I really did And it was OK I like chocolate a lot, and when I really need it, vicodin does the trick I have some of my own pain issues Jennette Fulda takes us through her journey of a year of hell caused by and awful headache Boo hoo you think, get over it Yeah, well her headache was pretty debilitating from her descriptions I related to a lot of her issues with the medical institution, the reactions of people around her, and just plain feeling miserable a lot Especially poignant for me was that she also got a lot of people trying to help her with outlandish ideas and diagnosis on her blog, something I also get from others She also hit upon something that I agree with no one gets it unless they are also suffering through chronic pain too It s true, people can have a lot of sympathy, but they won t know what to say or do unl I love reading memoirs by ordinary people I know that it can be inspiring to read about an Olympian s journey to his gold medal or about the Prime Minister of another country, but I much prefer ordinary and everyday people Jennette Fulda could be considered famous in the blogging world, but I feel like she still fits the category of ordinary people Unfortunately, Fulda has suffered from a debilitating headache for at least 14 months at the end of this book It just started one day and never let up By the end of the book, she s found some relief, or perhaps she s managing it better, but it s still present in her head I cannot even imagine the difficulty of being in so much pain all the time, to have your brain feel like it s too large for your skull every moment of every day I ve had some pretty painful headaches in my life, but fortunately they ve been vanquished by I m a nice person for the most part Somehow Jennette Fulda made me loathe a total stranger That s no easy feat I found her to be insufferable at times in this book I teetered from wishing her headache would stay forever to wishing she d developed some kind of narcotic addiction that would end this drawn out story or at least take it in anohter direction Once I started reading this, I remembered why I was irritated by first book, Half Assed too She s just not likable I m all for sarcasm and cynicism Really, I love itthan most but she s crotchety and snarky to the point that you wish bad things on her Or at least I did.
I feel like everyone either went to school with or works with a Jennette and no one wants to have lunch with Chocolate and Vicodin had the potential to swing into inspiration porn territory, but Jennette is a wonderfully realistic voice of reason as she chronicles a life lived in pain As a fellow chronic pain sufferer, I identified strongly with the silly questions, unsolicited advice, ignorant public judgment, and condescension from medical professionals I, too, have sat in many offices trying to explain the pain, explore triggers, experiment with various medications, and generally get myself taken seriously A woman with a persistent headache is thought to be too stressed or too tired or too much inside her own head, as it were, and the fact that psychosomatic triggers for headaches do exist makes it all so much worse

I picked this book up because of the cover and the awesome, awesome title I really have to stop picking books bases on covers I doubt I will but I should.
This book is about the authors struggle with a headache that is there 24 7 I do have to admit I did not even know this could happen and I am so sorry for what Jennette is going through I learned a bit about headaches from this book and do agree there really should befunding and research for this problem because I am sure most people don t even know this really is such a huge issues.
The overall book for me was just ok tho It got a bit tedious and irritating in parts I understand the sympathy thing and I understand why at times Jennette did not want to post on her blog about her headache any because no one could truly help but they cared enough to email her which made her mad at them yet she writes a book a Ì ChocolateVicodin Ì You probably wouldn t think a whole book could be devoted to just one topic, having a headache And you probably cant imagine a headache that was constant for over a year I wanted to like this book , but I wanted somethingto happen other than going from doctor to doctor in search of a cure I thought it was interesting that a lot of doctors didnt search for the cause, but instead threw pills and treatments at it I was kind of frustrated with the ending, but I wont give it away.
I first heard of this author when I read her weight loss memoir Half Assed which I enjoyed as I have issues with my weight as well and could relate to her struggles.
Later on she wrote this book about a headache that would never go away, and I felt such compassion for her, as I can not begin to imagine how a constant pounding in the head every single day with no let up She went to so many doctors and alterative healers for so so long, it was crazy.
She is a lot braver than I would have been, I don t think I could endure that level of daily pain with no relief at all.
God bless her I would have wanted to rip m head off my neck, anything to make it stop.
read when it first came out I m a sufferer of daily migraines, status migranosus,etc and was hoping this book would help deal with living with this I was not impressed and, frankly, got tired of her complaining and feeling sorry for herself it was not uplifting at all and was actually depressing It was frustrating to me that she would rather eat the things that gave her migraines than stay away from those triggers The only thing I got out of it, which I have found useful is her motto I have migraines but they don t have me Which is why I gave the book two stars instead of one I am happy for her that she learned to stop feeling sorry for herself and learned to live with the migraines, but on the whole, I don t think it was a book that was helpful for anyone newly diagnosed with t Fulda Went To Bed On February , , With A Headache, And Than Three Years Later, It Still Hasn T Gone Away Yes, She S Tried Everything Intravenous Drugs, Chiropractic Adjustments, Acupuncture, Subliminal Messaging, Marijuana For Medical Purposes Only , Heavy Drinking Which Just Made It Hurt , And Lots And Lots Of Chocolate A Pint Of Ice Cream Makes Her Feel Better, But Her Insurance Doesn T Cover Mint Chocolate ChipIn This Painfully Honest, Smart, And Funny Memoir, The Popular PastaQueen Blogger Who Chronicled Her Nearly Ê ChocolateVicodin ì Download by ↠´ Jennette Fulda Two Hundred Pound Weight Loss In Half Assed Shares Her Incredible Journey To Find Relief From A Chronic Headache As She Visits Countless Doctors, Indulges All Manner Of Unsolicited Advice From The Internet, And Investigates Every Possible Cause, From A Brain Tumor To A Dead Twin Living In Her Brain, Jennette Considers What It Means To Suffer, How To Live With Pain, And Why The Best Treatment Might Be The Simplest Laughter