Download Epub Format ↠´ Ooh-la-la (Max in Love) (Picture Puffins) PDF by Ð Maira Kalman

A Millionaire Dog Poet, Has Come To Paris From New York To See The Sights And Find His Heart S Desire As He Basks In The Glitter And Glow Of Paris, Max Finds Himself In The Midst Of Cosmopolitan Expatriates And Eccentric Parisiennes Ooh La La Max In Lovequivers With Surreal And Funny Language, And Idiosyncratic, Luminous Art With A Palette As Subtle As The Light On Montmartre And A Notably Free, Sophisticated Style, Kalman Incorporates Witty References To Artists And Their Work In Her Own Delightfully Lively Download Epub Format ↠´ Ooh-la-la (Max in Love) (Picture Puffins) PDF by Ð Maira Kalman Paintings Kirkus Reviews Brilliant, Bold, Funny, And Obscure, This Is Definitely One Of Kalman S Best Efforts To Date School Library Journal Awesome I have alot of fun making the voices My son 3yrs showed no interest as I read it normally but when I switched the voices he wouldnt let me stop I didnt know i d like this book so much Its fresh to def dooods OOH LA LA.
This is the best book of my childhood I went and read Max makes a Million and Swami on Rye, a precursor and a follow up, and while they were both very good, no book is as good as this book Max sees poems written on Paris trees and streets and cars, the greater plot of the story communicated through some weirdo lady s phone call, his feelings of love swelling before he even finds the girl he must love It is exuberant, eccentric, puzzling, and oddly adult All of which is lovely for a curious child I think I had this book memorized once upon a time, and it pushed me along that path to be the strange strange weirdo I am today Thanks, Maira You are great.
This book makes me feel happy I admit I owned it before having a child It s just that great Yes, the pictures are fabulous, and the story is fun What I really love is the cadence of the prose that, when read aloud, can t help but give you a shot of vim I am Fritz from the Ritz, which I quit in a snit, when the chef in a fit, threw escargot on my chapeau, and hit my head, with a stale French bread Now I am here, in this little hotel, run by the aromatic Madame Camembert Picture reading that with a very bad French accent, and you get a hint of why this book is a delight.
Just fun the illustrations, the playing with words Maira Kalman has such a distinct style that I notice her work immediately She did a recent Inauguration piece in the NYTimes she bounces from one thing to anotherthan I do.
This is my favorite book of all time, hands down It is probably what inspired me to study French literature, the most utilitarian academic specialization ever.
Too bad it wasn t called Ooh la la Max in the IT Industry , I guess.
É Ooh-la-la (Max in Love) (Picture Puffins) ✓ This woman is the coolest illustrator kid s author ever Again, though, Charlie, my son, is not digging her to the extent that I am He gives this book two stars.
We loved this book as a family and my French improved The illustrations are really rich and creative, and the language is so much fun.
I can t even count how many times I ve read this book By far one of my favourite picture books It s a charming, whimsical story The rhyming and flow of the words made it such a delight to read aloud Even though some of the puns went over my head as a child, the play on words made it fun to read later on as an adult And the PICTURES I can t say enough about the pictures The details are incredible, and every time I read this book, I find something new or rediscover something I d forgotten It will definitely be a book that I read to my kids if I ever have any.
A very creative story about a dog, Max, who travels to Paris to write about love Highly recommended for children AND adults.
One of the absolute best kids books ever in my opinion Witty, beautiful and something for both kids and parents who have to read it a million times Can t recommend it enough.