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Please Note This book was sent to me by the author for review.
Remy Belieux is ready to leave her home planet and explore the universe she has only heard about She joins the Space Service with the hopes of one day having a prominent position on the bridge of a spaceship Her first mission involves transporting a prisoner, the leader of the Rebellion Army When he escapes, Remy vows revenge.
She joins his rebellion army with the idea of infiltrating the organization, but finds information about her own family s ties to the rebellion This makes her question where her loyalties lie.
The universe involved in Ultimate Duty is very well described Marva Dasef developed it in great detail with a universal language, its own for Ultimate Duty is an adult version of the author s YA novel First Duty adult in that some mildly graphic sex scenes are added Laid several centuries into the future, the book is basically an action spy thriller involving the fight between SemCorp the tyrannical governing body that rules all the planets of the known universe and the Reformers an underground group who wants to free the planet worlds to make their own lives The tale is full of battle and fight scenes and frenetic voyages through space and has lots of description of the technology of the future it s well done and you need to like that aspect in order to fully enjoy this book The heroine, who is a martial arts expert, goes through a process of deciding where her real duty lies, although this process is not particularly deep or in much question Altogether, t I really enjoyed Ultimate Duty Remy is a terrific, ass kicking character, the future setting and scenario are engaging, and the pace is nonstop Highly recommended for sci fi fans L.
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Combining an interesting set of social and scientific advances with engaging characters, Dasef creates a spy thriller set against an intriguing galactic empire.
Note this novel is an uncensored version of First Duty Or First Duty is a censored version of this novel Either way, this book hasviolence and sex, but the same plot.
Nearly everyone on Arcadia works in either the ore mines, or the ore processing plant But Remy Belieux wantsthan a life of industrial labour in exchange for the guarantee of a job for life Not wanting the equal tedium of crewing a merchant craft or rising through corporate bureaucracy, she joins the Space Service the military arm of the galactic government Skilled in martial arts, her first posting is the covert escort of a rebel leader a man who claims he merely wants to reform the sa My SFR from Eternal Press.
Ù Ultimate Duty ✓ Overall, Ultimate Duty is a compelling adventure story with personal growth and struggle at its core It overcomes its marginal faults and it has some, such as at times stilted dialog and characterization that feels light in spots , through its protagonist and her inner conflict I found her someone I wanted to follow and cheer on Primarily, the story s appeal to me came from the struggle of a young woman raised to know and pledge allegiance to a system whose integrity and principles she comes to question When presented with the choice to join the opposition, which way will she go That central tension kept me reading and enjoying Ultimate Duty 3.
5 stars rounded to 4.
Or LoveWhat Is Her Ultimate Duty Remy Belieux, A Woman Born Into A Life Of Servitude On A Repressive Factory Planet, Is Desperate For A Different Life When She S Accepted Into The Space Service Academy, Run By The Organization That Enslaves Her Planet, She Discovers The Truth Behind Generations Of Rebellion Now, She Must Decide What To Believe, Where Her Ultimate Duty Lies, And Fight For Than Her Life Against Impossible ☆ read Ù Ultimate Duty by Marva Dasef ✓ Odds