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Time UML, Second Edition,uniquely Ties Together The Principal UML Capabilities As They Can Apply To Embedded, Real Time Systems Real Time Systems Development Is Difficult This Book Will Help Guide Developers Through Some Of The Minefields Doug Locke, Lockheed Martin CorporationThe Increasing Complexity Of Embedded And Real Time Systems Requires Apremeditated And Sophisticated Design Approach For Successful Implementation The Object Based Unified Modeling Language UML Can Describe The Structural And Behavioral Aspects Critical To Real Time Systems, And Has Come To The Fore As An Outstanding [ read Online Real-Time UML: Developing Efficient Objects for Embedded Systems õ vie chrétienne PDF ] by Bruce Powel Douglass õ Medium For Effective Design Like Its Best Selling Predecessor, Real Time UML, Second Edition, Provides An Overview Of The Essentials Of Real Time Systems And An Introduction To UML That Focuses On Its Use In Design And Development The Book Examines Requirements Analysis, The Definition Of Object Structure And Object Behavior, Architectural Design, Mechanistic Design, Anddetailed Designs That Encompass Data Structure, Operations, And Exceptions Numerous Figures Help Illustrate UML Design Techniques, And Detailed, Real World Examples Show The Application Of Those Techniques To Embedded Systems This Edition Features VersionOf The UML Standard And Includes Extensive Coverage Of The Action Semantics Metamodel And Statecharts, As Well As Further Descriptions And Demonstrations Of How To Effectively Apply Use Cases And Capture Object Models And State Behavior Real Time UML, Second Edition, Also Introduces An Elaboration Of The Author S Proven Product Development Process, Rapid Object Oriented Process For Embedded Systems ROPES , And A New Appendix On The UML Extension Process Key Topic Coverage Includes Specifying External Events Identifying Use Cases Response Time Concurrent Collaboration Diagrams Key Strategies For Object Identification Defining Object State Behavior UML State Diagrams Orthogonal Components And Concurrency Implementing State Machines Representing Physical Architecture In UML Safety And Reliability Patterns Concurrent State Diagrams Assigning Priorities State Behavior Patterns BBruce Powel Douglass Is The Chief Evangelist For I Logix, A Leading Producer Of Tools For Real Time Systems Development He Contributed To The original Specification Of The UML And To The UMLAs One Of The Co Chairs Of The Object Management Group S Real Time Analysis And Design Working Group Bruce Consults For A Number Of Companies And Organizations, Including NASA, On Building Large Scale, Real Time, Safety Critical Systems He Is The Author Of Seven Other books, Including Real Time Design Patterns Addison Wesley,And Doing Hard Time Addison Wesley,