ë On Beyond Bugs: All About Insects ↠´ Download by ✓ Tish Rabe

On Beyond Bugs: All About Insects È MY DAUGHTER WAS SCARED OF BUGS SO I GOT THIS BOOK SHE ISNT AS SCARED NOT THANKS TO THIS BOOK I bought this book in preparation for a public library story time The rhythm is slightly off at times reptiles book is lots better , and there were 2 entomological bloopers I spotted Unless you read VERY carefully and put the accent on the right word, the author could be saying insects are blind, which they are not Also, there is a picture in which a cricket is chirping with an obvious ovipositor Males chirp, females don t Females have ovipositors, males don t I m still going to read it to my grandson, but being careful to accent the right word, and explain errors It s still an OK book with lots of good info geared for little kids.
I tell my son that I have a new book for him About what he asks About bugs I tell him He looked disappointed Then I tell him that it is from Cat in the Hat series He looks at the cover, sees the bees and agrees to read it I d say that the authors have made reading about bugs fun than I could have imagined This is by far one of my favorites from the series possibly because I learned a lot of new facts myself It was simply a good read with the 3 year old My son concluded I really like books from series Cat in the Hat Note that I read these to him in English and then translate to Polish We bought used book in very good condition and it arrived looking as new.

I love the series putting the basics of any number of things in terms children can understand I have about one third of the books and intend to get the complete set for grand children.
My daughter loves watching The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That cartoon, so I thought it would be nice to supplement it with the books from the The Cat in the Hat s Learning Library, so she can learn about insects without realizing it It is very informative, colourful, has all the characters from my daughter s favorite cartoon, plus written as a poem of course, the rhyme is not of dr Seuss quality and sometimes feels forced and awkward However my biggest complain about this book is that there is no story line In the cartoon series usually Sally and Nick would come across a problem which Cat in the Hat helps them to resolve by introducing them to some animals plants insects, etc At the end the problem is solved and the kids learned something new about the featured creatures The book just starts with the Cat in the C Is A Big Gap Between Concept books Written For Preschoolers And Nonfiction That Requires Fluent Reading Skills The Cat In The Hat S Learning Library books Introduce Beginning Readers To Important Basic Concepts About The Natural World They Provide The Critical Foundations Upon Which Complex Facts And Ideas Can Eventually Be Build In Addition, The Cat In The Hat S Learning Library Shows Young Readers That books Can Be Entertaining And Educational At The Same Time This Is A Wonderful ë On Beyond Bugs: All About Insects ↠´ Download by ✓ Tish Rabe Series Barbara Kiefer, Associate Professor, Reading And LiteratureTeachers College, Columbia UniversityFind Out All You Ever Wanted To Know About Insects When The Cat And Company Get An Up Close View Of Life As A Bug Kids Will Learn How Insects From The Spittlebug To The Honeybee To The Moth See, Smell, Communicate, And Pollinate, As Well As Sometimes Pester And Amaze And Generally Make Life Better For Us Humans Catch The Bug Buzz With The Cat In The Hat And All His Friends