[ Read Online The Edge Effect: Achieve Total Health And Longevity With The Balanced Brain Advantage ↠´ ornithologie PDF ] by Dr Eric R Braverman M.D. ↠´ chadever.co

The Edge Effect: Achieve Total Health And Longevity With The Balanced Brain Advantage Fascinating bookhas some excellent questionnaires to enable you to discover how and why we are like we are in relation to dominant neurotransmitters.
It is an easy read and I enjoyed it.
Also very helpful regarding memory issues too.

Some of the food suggestions contradict what I alreadyknowbut it is definitely worth a read for the ideas you can get from the Neurotransmitters.
Another very helpful angle on health.
The idea that personalities and behaviors can be determined by the balance of 4 neurotransmitters sounds a bit far fetched.
and then to say that most diseases (except ones that are largely genetic) are also caused by imbalances and deficiencies.
well that sounds a bit like phrenology, or that medieval belief that your body had to be balanced with blood, black bile, yellow bile and phlegm.
it sounds so simple that it's almost gimmicky.

But the thing is, it works! Doing the tests in the book, and reading about the ailments and being told your "type" is kind of creepy.
It's like reading a horoscope that is impossibly accurate and uncanny.

Bought three of Dr Eric Braverman's books over the last few months.
What a brilliant man! The insights received have armed me with information to challenge some of the socalled knowledge in the medical profession as Dr Braverman's research and insights oppose many of their responses on management of medical conditions.
He makes sense! We can manage and change our medical outcomes for the better without the interferance of synthetic medication.
Brilliant book.

A good book for people starting out on their journey of learning about neurotransmitters.

Well worth the investment and time to read.
This is a seductive book on an interesting subject, but I felt rather disappointed by the book.
None of its suppositions are backed up by references to case studies or clinical tests and much of its conclusions seem too simplistic and questionable.
I get the impression that this book was primarily written to reap maximal sales from mass market buyers, hungry for the latest wouldbe cureall solution.

Additional points: I'm amazed that this book about neurotransmitters can contain no discussion of noradrenaline/norepinephrine or norepinephrine/adrenaline.
You won't find these in the book's index.
That is just too weird for me, considering that so many people's problems are alleviated by modifying the amount of these neurotransmitters.
I also feel that the book's questionnaires need rethinking.
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Dr Eric Braverman, A Leading Figure In The Practice Of Brainbody Health Care, Reveals The Dramatic Impact [ read Online The Edge Effect: Achieve Total Health And Longevity With The Balanced Brain Advantage ↠´ ornithologie PDF ] by Dr Eric R Braverman M.
↠´ That Proper Brain Nourishment Can Have On The Quality Of Our Lives His Key To Longevity And Wellbeing Is Balancing The Brain's Four Important Neurotransmitters A Simple Test Determines Which Of The Four Is Dominant In You, And What You Can Do To Maintain The Right Balance, By Modifying Your Diet With Both Foods And Natural Supplements Proven Effective For Thousands Of Patients In Dr Braverman's Practice, This Groundbreaking Approach Will Help Anyone Make The Most Of His Or Her Life, Free Of The Major Illnesses Such As Cancer And Heart Disease And Minor Ailments As Well