Trailer ☆ The Complete Peanuts Volume 23: 1995-1996 PDF by ✓ Charles M. Schulz

Satisfait d'avoir reçu ce 25ème volume des aventures des Peanuts, mais chagriné que ce soit le dernier!
Je vais pouvoir les relire avec grand plaisir.

Twenty fifth volume in the series of hardback books which collect the comic strip Peanuts.

This contains all Peanuts cartoons from it's final year, 19992000.

It follows the same format as others in the series.
Starting with a one page introduction, in this case from Barack Obama, you then get the year's worth of cartoons.
With three of the daily strips to a page.
And the longer sunday ones to a page of their own.
Although it does end on a sort run of sunday ones.
And the famous final cartoon in which Snoopy types Charles Schulz's goodbye.

The amazing thing about reading through this year's worth of them [one hundred and sixty four pages worth] is just how great the standard is.
Given that the cartoon had been going since 1950, that is a superb achievemen Cette note ne concerne pas l'ouvrage en luimême mais Amazon.
Jai acheté les 24 premiers volume de The complete Peanuts dans l'édition Us (Fantagraphics books) et vous m'envoyez le 26éme en édition anglaise (Cannongate ??).

Je souhaite recevoir ce livre dans l'édition commandée il y a plusieurs mois After collecting these since volume 1, and although relieved I lived to see the final volume (!) I am now a bit sad.
I have the whole collectionwhat will I do now? No new Schulz to brighten my day!
Easy answer: read them all again and enjoy them as much as the first time around!
However there is a little more than meets the eye to this volumeit contains the 1999 strips in the first half of the book up until Schulz' final strip at the turn of the Millenium, sadly just before he passed away.
The second half of the book is great for a fana collection of "Lil' Folks" strips, the predecessors to the Peanuts strips, and well worth reading through!
Just sit back with a cup of tea and enjoy.
Schulz was one of a kind! In The Complete Peanuts:Vol , Charlie Brown Starts Taking Dancing Classes And Is Asked To The Sweetheart Ball! The World Famous Attorney Handles Some Tough Cases, Rerun Wants Snoopy To Come Out And Play And Linus Hears Coyotes Howling At Trailer ☆ The Complete Peanuts Volume 23: 1995-1996 PDF by ✓ Charles M.
Schulz Night

What can one sayI always love Peanuts and especially SnoopyCharles Schultz was a wonderful man who has greatly enriched my life and that of many others.
At one level, children enjoy them and as someone somewhat older one can find so much more sophistication, but the humour is always gentle and even Lucy could suddenly surprise by being nice, for a change.
The Complete Peanuts Volume 23: 1995-1996 Is this the best strip cartoon ever? You bet.
Neurotic, kind, chucklesome, wise, and it even has a talking dog and the odd touch of Beethoven.
This is one of the Complete Peanuts series from Canongate, lovingly produced, and utterly butterly good.
Absolutely love these books.
Great quality, i now have every single one that has been printed.
read them all several times.
Absolutely in love with these books.
Great idea for a gift too :)